OPPO Find X5 Appearance and exposure of some parameters

The OPPO Find X5 is expected to be released in late February or early March, and some of its specs have already been revealed.Appearance: The back design of FIND X5 is similar to the previous renderings. The lens is the same as the crater design of the previous generation, but this time the shape is not regular. In the real image, the lens cover plate and fuselage cover plate are made into one, and the craftsmanship has been upgraded.This time, FIND X5 is also co-branded with Hasselblad, and has its own NPU “Marisillcon Mariana X” printed on the fuselage.On the front of the FIND X5 is a 6.7-inch 2K microcurved screen with a hole in the upper left corner and support for LTPO2.0 adaptive high-brush. The screen uses a small R Angle, which is relatively square.So what do you think of the design?A score out of 10!Configuration: The FIND X5 series is also dual-platform, with Snapdragon 8Gen1 as the Pro version, which is powered by the Mariana X Imaging NPU chip, which is not supported by the standard breguet 9000.Other configurations are similar to onePlus 10Pro according to the previous Revelations, 80W cable +50W wireless, 5000mA battery, camera 50MP+50MP+13MP, dual IMX766 main camera, customized X-axis motor.From the pricing of OPPO’s new unit, the FIND X5 standard version is expected to be around 4000 yuan, while the Pro version is less than 5000 yuan, and there may be a Pro+ in the back.

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