The difference between the speed of the instrument panel and the actual speed

Dashboard speed and actual speed difference how many traffic police: don’t know Run high-speed buckle times often run high speed car owners have feelings, for his driving should be even easier to violate the rules and regulations of project in the process of high speed speeding up, a do not pay attention on the motorway can make driving speeds in excess of the prescribed rate, for its influence is bigger.However, many drivers will have such a feeling, that is in the process of driving, sometimes the speed over the speed limit but not be punished, and sometimes the speed did not exceed the speed limit yourself instead caused oneself be penalised fines, it also makes many drivers have doubt, dashboard speed and actual speed difference how many?After consulting the traffic police, we also know the importance of judging the speed, if not clear, run a high speed deduct a point.For the speed of the car, the speed is measured mainly through the sensor of the car wheel.When driving, through the fixed time sensor through the fixed position of the number of times to calculate the distance of wheel rotation, coupled with the calculation of the circumference of the car wheel, can calculate the instantaneous speed of the car, so as to display to the driver, but this figure in the display, there are still some errors.For China’s automobile standards, the requirement is that the display speed of the car is higher than the actual speed of the car, which makes even if you see the dashboard has reached 121Kn/h in the process of driving, but in fact your actual speed is not more than 120Km/h, so that the driver is not in violation of the rules.So there are situations where some drivers think they are speeding but they are not.However, the driver can not hold a fluke psychology when driving, feel that their overspeed will not be photographed, because the design standards of each manufacturer is not the same, so or in accordance with the provisions of the speed of insurance.In addition, some car owners reported that they were judged to be exceeding the speed limit even though they had already reduced the speed below 120Km/h when passing the speed measurement position. Why?It turns out that the speed at which the car travels 120Km/h in acceleration is not the same as the actual speed at which the car travels 120Km/h in deceleration.When the driver of the speed of more than 120 km/h, even if will be slowed down, when the dashboard display speed of 120 km/h, the actual speed is more than 120 km/h, so also is directly caused by overspeed, for this kind of situation is deficient, so also will remind the driver, in the process of highway driving don’t speeding. In the process of high-speed roads, need speed will be referred to a higher degree, this is in order to achieve better traffic efficiency, but also should pay attention to when driving too fast, or you will for car driving caused certain effect, in the case of an emergency occurs can’t brake effectively, is also very bad for their own safety.

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