The problem that the inner city of Wuhan cannot apply for the central city high school

According to a local users, currently owning, especially some young people who have just come to wuhan are faced with the problem is far from the city on the mid-term exam voucher cannot enter oneself for an examination the school of the main, the main focus within the third ring road, the most far city outside the third ring road, in the present, of the whole society advocating fair to break this pattern is inevitable,Otherwise, outside the third ring will inevitably lose the attraction to young people, the third ring house can not afford to buy, outside the third ring house settlement is treated differently, the city also which to attract?It is understood that chengdu does this very well at present, as long as it is chengdu household registration, you can register for all high schools in Chengdu city.At present, education equity is the greatest equity for ordinary families.1. From the policy level.Since 2004, the city has implemented the policy of “public ordinary high schools in central urban areas enroll students in central urban areas, and public ordinary high schools in new urban areas enroll students in their own districts”.That is, the school status and household registration of the new urban area can not register for the central urban area and other new urban public high school, the central urban area can not register for the new urban public high school.This policy is a kind of policy inclination and student source protection measure for the new urban area, aiming at protecting the students’ educational opportunities in the new urban area from being affected.Recently, the Ministry of Education and other nine departments released the “14th Five-year plan” for the development and promotion of ordinary high schools in counties, which clearly stipulates that “resolutely put an end to cross-regional illegal recruitment of top students, to prevent the loss of students.”2. From a realistic level.On the one hand, the central city schools generally do not have boarding conditions, can not meet the transportation inconvenience students boarding requirements;On the other hand, compared with the new urban areas, the students in the central urban areas are more concentrated and the education resources are more scarce. In the next ten years, the high school students in the city, especially the students in the central urban areas, will be in a continuous and rapid growth stage.And the pace of school construction has not kept pace with the growth of students.In this situation obviously do not have the conditions to open enrollment restrictions.3. Among the same cities in China, most cities have limited the enrollment range of public ordinary high schools in different regions, such as Guangzhou, Shenyang, Chengdu, Dalian, Fuzhou and so on.

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