“Worldly” : Zhou Nan and Feng Yue or go together, become husband and wife

Want to learn more wonderful content, quick attention to xiao yao yan drama “in the world” in zhou’s story to the main line, weeks home with age and experience the increase separation and reunion, zhou zhigang has retired now, weeks home of children has really grown up, and the following in young players with Feng Yue are already in high school.The story of the zhou family is not over, Zhou Nan since childhood with Feng Yue a director of big, very fond of the sister.And now two people have grown up, Zhou Nan looks handsome, by the school of female students.And Feng Yue is also very beautiful, in zhou Nan’s eyes sister Feng Yue is the most beautiful.Feng Yue is also close to his brother, Zhou Nan still love the sister, also help Feng Yue rescue.So the fate of these two people and the fate of the future is likely to be deeper than this.As anyone who has seen the show knows, Zhou Nan’s mother is Zheng Juan and her father is Luo Shibin, not Zhou Bingkun, and he always wants his son back.And luo Shibin’s career development is good, he hopes to give his career to his son Zhou Nan one day in the future.Zhou Nan’s life is the last thing to hide.So when The life of Zhou Nan exposure that day, Zhou Nan and Feng Yue does not exist between the corresponding blood relationship.Two people grow up all the time, and close and mutual love.So Zhou Nan and Feng Yue are likely to be willing to go one step further, hoping to become partners with each other.The two are really very sensible and kind children, they went together hand in hand, became a husband and wife.So the younger generation of the Zhou family also has a story that belongs to them.Note: the picture comes from the network, the article analysis opinion is the original, please do not copy and reprint, offenders will be corrected.I am Xiao Yao Yan, more exciting please continue to follow me.

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