“Digital countryside” will enable rural revitalization

“If you want to become rich, build roads first.” Infrastructure construction is the key to rural revitalization.In the Internet age, it is not enough to build roads, but also important to build a digital countryside.Recently, under the strong support and assistance of qinzhou Branch of Mobile and Qinzhou Market Supervision Bureau of the backing unit of the village task force, Liangping Village, Bolao Town, Lingshan County, obtained the help fund of 30,000 yuan, and introduced the mobile 5G digital rural joint prevention and control platform.The high-definition face camera, perimeter AI recognition camera, smart speaker camera and other security terminals of the platform help the village to realize 7×24 hours of uninterrupted surveillance video, AI face recognition, AI alert recognition and other functions, and add video sharing of video surveillance cameras installed by villagers to the smart digital village platform.Can realize the village information comprehensive management, intelligent security unified monitoring.Through digital village construction, communication facilities and village-level management of Liangping village have achieved a qualitative leap.The village committee has a 5G digital rural joint prevention and control platform, which can use AI recognition cameras to publicize important issues, important notices and policies closely related to the villagers to the whole village.Villagers can take care of the elderly and children at home in real time, and check the monitoring coverage of the surrounding houses and farms at any time. Migrant villagers can also use “He family” to realize remote family communication, which makes them feel safer and happier when they go out.”The construction of digital villages has made rural governance intelligent.”Liangping village first secretary Liu Yuedong said.It is understood that in February 2021, Lingshan County was approved as the digital rural pilot project of the autonomous Region. Led by the leading group of autonomous regional digital rural pilot Construction, Lingshan County focused on digitalization of agricultural production and modernization of rural governance system, and actively explored the new model of digital rural.Explore and build characteristic industries such as “smart orchard”, “smart pasture”, “digital fragrance garden”, “digital fruit seedling” and “digital fish seedling”, so as to make the hometown of Litchi in China more prominent, the hometown of Milk buffalo in China more famous, the advantage of fish seedling industry better, and build the characteristic town of seedling in China more distinctive.(Li Yucheng, Liu Yuedong) Source: Lingshan County Rong Media Center Editor: Huang Xinle proofread: Huang Daiming review: Chen Tianyong Lingshan County Party Committee propaganda Department

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