Tianwen 1 posted a selfie video with the Olympic emblem to celebrate the opening of the Winter Olympics

Source: CCTV news client rect: Baiyang 2022-02-04 19:25:30 original title: “cosmic” Winter Olympics blessing!The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics kicked off today (Feb 4) by sending back a selfie video of the emblems of the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games from a distance of 320 million kilometers.Earlier, the mascots of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” landed on Mars aboard Tiwen 1, and took a photo with the Zhurong rover.Today, the tien-Wen 1 probe, the five-star Red flag and the emblems of the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games took a selfie together again.The city of Beijing is one of the first Xia Dongshuang barack, jiu ge mission is China’s first interplanetary exploration, the winter Olympics and the winter paralympic games mascot and logo on Mars, as well as the green Olympics, hi-tech Olympics, cultural Olympics core idea of Chinese expression, but also the Chinese nation to the higher, faster, stronger, more united advocate and pursue.The “cosmic” images, sent from Mars orbit, were taken with the “selfie” camera carried by the Tianwen 1 spacecraft.And this group of photos is not only to the ground friends to send the “highest” winter Olympics gift, but also the world to share the Olympic moment highlights witness!As of today, Tiwen 1 has been in orbit for 561 days, and Zhurong has been in orbit for 259 Martian days, traveling a total of 1,537 meters.The orbiter and rover are in good condition and are operating normally.(Tao Jiashu, CCTV reporter)

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