Tong Jincheng company annual meeting is too busy, beautiful women like clouds, rich red envelopes, big group photo to realize the dream of life

Balsam pear original, reproduction will investigate!Bitter melon e-sports – let you experience a different e-sports anchor circle!Nowadays, the popularity of the live broadcast industry is in the eyes of the netizens, and the netizens who like watching live broadcast are also very lucky. After all, there are more and more interesting live broadcast content now. No matter you are a game lover, dancing or singing lover, there will always be an anchor you like.It is worth mentioning that there is another section of live broadcast content, which is also very popular, that is outdoor live broadcast.Comparatively speaking, in fact, outdoor live broadcasting should be the most difficult, after all, there are too many uncontrollable factors, and there are different contents every day, plus there are veteran anchors, it is not easy to stand out.But tiger tooth child jincheng did it, and only in a few months, you know, now the child jincheng is tiger tooth outdoor anchor a brother, very strong.For tong Jincheng’s fans, see tong Jincheng’s take-off, are happy for him, thought he would be very smooth live, but did not expect so smooth.For the hard work of the past year, Tong Jincheng will certainly reward himself as well as his employees.This is not, recently tong Jincheng company annual meeting opened.Singing and drinking luxury private room, is the style of Tong Jincheng, the annual meeting is really a cloud of beautiful women, all kinds of styles have, the net friends can feast their eyes again.At the same time, the red envelope benefits naturally will not be less, very rich red envelope, saw the live broadcast are clear, starting 500.Interestingly, there are pictures of Wu Bai himself, this homophonic stem, bright.Anyway, every night is to play happy, the net friends are also very happy to see, Tong Jincheng’s charm, can not stop, the last big group photo, is to achieve most of the men’s life dream, behind are all beautiful, sour.Next is a New Year, also look forward to tong Jincheng in the future to bring more wonderful content.I am bitter melon, I bring my own salt!(Without oil)

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