When will the snow stop?The latest weather forecast in Shaanxi!

These two days in most parts of Shaanxi ushered in the first year of the Tiger snow until now In Xi ‘an snow is still floating under the rain is expected to be overcast throughout the province today northern Shaanxi most of the snow (0-2mm), guanzhong part of the local, northern Shaanxi sporadic light snow (0-1mm).When will it stop snowing?The latest weather forecast for Shaanxi is affected by cold and warm air. There will be rain and snow in most parts of shaanxi province from tonight to tomorrow. There will be light snow in most parts of shaanxi province, and moderate snow or sleet in southern and eastern Shaanxi province.From February 10 to 13, there was a large-scale rain and snow weather in our province.Weather forecast for the next few days in Xi ‘an Today: Scattered light snow turns cloudy in urban and northern counties; unfavourably light snow turns cloudy in Zhouzhi, Uncompares Yi, Chang ‘an and Lantian.- 3 ℃ ~ 5 ℃;This evening to the 8th day: cloudy to cloudy, -3℃ ~ 7℃;Night of 8th to day of 9th: cloudy to sunny, -4℃ ~ 8℃.Xi ‘an snow in the year of the Tiger the first day of construction in Xi ‘an many sections of traffic flow is larger according to @Xi ‘an traffic police, Xi ‘an urban area is currently light snow, traffic flow is larger sections: West fifth Road to the west, east ring south section of the inner highway to the southwest, east ring south section of the outer highway to the northeast.Xinxing South Road viaduct of east 2nd Ring Road under xincheng District from east to west changming Road, Upper bridge of Xinxing South Road and upper bridge of Wanshou Road have been closed.At present, the new elevated municipal department has carried out salt operation on the bridge deck.Snow and ice sections in urban areas: 1. There is snow on both sides of the tune River Bridge deck of Chang ‘an Avenue, Chang ‘an District, and there is snow from Peihua Turntable of Zhongnan Avenue to Duqu Gas station. Relevant departments have been contacted to deal with it.2, Lianhu area zhonglou coil snow is being dealt with, there is still a small amount of snow in beimen coil.A small amount of snow on the north gate road has been notified of the urban management department.Suburbanization county: There is snow on weihe Bridge of Zhoupu Road, south Heihe Bridge and old 108 Heihe Bridge. Salt sprinkling is carried out on all bridge decks in highway section, and the snow on bridge deck has been gradually eliminated.Highway conditions: There is thin ice on the road surface of Chanhe Bridge in the southern section of The Ced Expressway. The maintenance department has been informed to sprinkle salt, and the police will conduct on-site evacuation.Shanghai-shaanxi expressway mountain section emergency lane and one lane snow, no ice section.Traffic order is normal;West Han Highway mountain section emergency lane snow, no ice section.Traffic order is normal;There is a small amount of snow in the emergency lane of the mountain section of Xizuo Expressway, and there is no ice section.Traffic order is normal;There is snow in the emergency lane of the mountain section of Lanshang Expressway, and there is no ice section;Xiyu Expressway ice-free section;West of the highway road slippery, no ice section.Changan district at present, snow, frozen sections: chapter novel avenue curved line zaoyuan village, west soup cemetery, west wild goose soup line the way cross slope, novel avenue WeiMing road cross south east direction has imposed temporary traffic control, societe generale 2, west soup line length, decks, the above sections have informed transport between the blue qinling traffic control at present.Each suburban county along the mountain area of light snow, no ice, no snow section.Lintong Ring mountain road control.Traffic control on Lantian 312 heading shangluo.This morning, Xi ‘an Ced High Speed Bridge due to traffic accident, resulting in a slow traffic scene.Remind everyone, snow road slippery, everyone to maintain a safe distance, slow driving!(Source: Shaanxi Metropolis Express)

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