Yu Minhong and New Oriental’s desperate breakthrough, is inspiring us

Yu Minhong and New Oriental’s desperate breakthrough, is inspiring us!In 2021, New Oriental was in crisis due to the influence of policies, epidemic and other aspects.Yu Minhong said, New Oriental market value once dropped 90%, revenue decreased 80%, dismissed 60,000 employees, tuition refund, employee dismissal N+1, teaching point out of cash expenditure of nearly 20 billion yuan, and completely stopped K9 training…Fate is at stake, the desperate New Oriental where to go?On December 28, 2021, New Oriental announced the establishment of “Oriental Selection” to enter the live streaming of goods.New Oriental is going to fight its way out.However, according to Xindoudata.com, since its launch on December 28 last year, Oriental Selection has accumulated 335 products.Cumulative sales of 4.5476 million yuan;Accumulated sales of 81,400 pieces.Two months, the performance is not outstanding, can only be regarded as a mediocre record.In fact, the way new Oriental chooses to live with goods is not easy to go, although it looks like the trend is good, but new Oriental faces many challenges and difficulties.The road is rough and the road is long.But New Oriental has not budged or lost its fight.They continue to fight bloody battles!In our ordinary people’s eyes, in such a situation, how can this life!Personally, as a result of buying a house with hundreds of thousands of loans, and owe more than a hundred thousand, think about some head.However, Yu Minhong and New Oriental never give up, just want to fight a way out, regain a new life.It’s really impressive.”When you have a start and a goal, there is no retreat, and you have reasons and motivation to move forward,” Yu said.He also said that since New Oriental has chosen to go live with goods this routine, we should try to overcome all kinds of problems, let Oriental selection become the new “pillar” of New Oriental.In fact, there are many other cases of desperate survival.For example, Luo Yonghao.I saw the news from “ridicule conference”, said Luo Yonghao once owed 600 million yuan.At first glance, my great-grandma!How can I live this life?!But the teacher of somebody else luo also burst into a bloody road, it is said that almost these several hundred million debts have been done.Now, he is live in the field of goods with the head anchor, a batch of cattle!And a few days ago, our women’s soccer team against Japan, once fell behind, but then forced to draw, penalty shootout, one goal ahead to seal the victory.Or The Chinese women’s football team, when playing the South Korean team, 2-0 down, but also desperate against the odds, angrily holding the Asian Cup!In this world, the inspirational story of jedi counter-killing, death and rebirth, not only Yu Minhong and New Oriental, not only Luo Yonghao and women’s soccer girl, there are many, many!In this way, our difficulties, setbacks, frustrated, and what!Come on, let’s never give up, never give up, go ahead bravely, sing into the wind.Ha ha, look at me, am I getting stronger?

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