Blind box AR treasure hunting, year of the Tiger gift box, 0 yuan for tickets…Come to Fuyang to see the tiger in the year of tiger!

Tiger is one of the auspicious animals with auspicious and safe meanings in traditional culture, representing the quality of perseverance and courage.In the year of the Tiger, the tiger is blessed. During this period, hangzhou wildlife World is also clean and new to welcome the Arrival of the Year of the Tiger.In the white tiger viewing area, the narrator is giving a white tiger class.Dignified white tigers from time to time to show their strong heroic posture, climbing trees, diving, predation, a wonderful, attracted the citizens have taken out mobile phones to leave a memorial.In order to welcome the arrival of the Year of the Tiger, tigers in Hangzhou Wildlife World are also showing their most majestic posture to welcome visitors from all directions.At the same time, the park also launched an online blind box AR treasure hunting activity, which not only has “fu”, but also all kinds of gift boxes for the Year of the Tiger.It is understood that individuals in the zodiac sign of tiger can participate in online tickets for 0 yuan.With the arrival of the Year of the Tiger, Hangzhou Wildlife World has launched a 3D wall painting for the year of the Tiger, which can be used for visitors to interact with each other, upload photos online and upload them to the wechat photo album of Hangzhou Wildlife World. You can participate in activities.In addition to the newly added punch card project, the park launched the Year of the Tiger painted wall, popular science display board, and the Year of the Tiger custom cultural and creative products in the South China Tiger area.During the Spring Festival, there are free science popularization activities, explanations by keepers and animal classes in the park every day.

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