Ci of Chu (2007)

Qu Yuan said:Spring and Autumn suddenly xi not flooded Xi, xi long stay this former residence?Regulus can not climb xi, I will from Wang Qiao and entertainment!Meal six gas and drink complicity, gargle Zhengyang and containing the morning glow.Protect the deities of the clear xi, essence into and 麤 tourese.Shun kaifeng to swim from xi, to the south nest and a rest.See prince and stay of xi, examine one gas sum of Germany.英 文 : he also said: Spring and autumn come time does not stay ah, why stay here for so long?I’ll follow Prince Joe on a frolic.Swallowing the six breaths of heaven and earth and sipping the dew ah, inhaling the breath of the sun with the fragrance of the dew.Keep the spirit and the mind clear, inhale the essence and discard the stale.I’ve been travelling on the south wind, resting in the Nestland.I stopped when I saw Prince Joe and asked him how to become a fairy.Yue: Tao can be accepted;Its small without inner xi, its big boundless;No slippery and soul, it will be natural;One stomata god xi, in the night;Need to wait for the xi, do nothing first;Ordinary class to become xi, this gate of virtue.Wang Ziqiao said: “Tao” can only be understood by heart, but can not be explained by words.It is too small to divide, too large to have edges;Do not disturb your mind, it will appear of its own accord;The spirit of one yuan is very mysterious, and often remains in the silence of the night;Wait for it humbly and quietly, not with a desire to receive it;This is how everything comes into being. This is the path to enlightenment.4. Hearing of you and therefore, suddenly I will go.Still feather people in Dan Qiu Xi, leaving the old town of immortality.Chaozhuo hair in tanggu Xi, xi Xi Yang xi xi xi xi.The microscopic fluid of the spring, the brilliance of Wan Wan Diem.The jade 頩 is bolstered with textured, refined wrists.The quality is gone with 汋 covenant, God will release the adultery.Jiannan is full of fiery virtues, glorious laurel trees in winter, barren mountains without beasts, wild and lonely.Carrying the camp and deng Xia Xi, cover the clouds and sign.The e door opens its switch, row 阊阖 and hope.Call feng Long make forerunner xi, ask big and small residence.Set double Ninth into the emperor’s palace xi, made ten days and view all.英 文 : After hearing the most reasonable words, I wanted to go, and I started in a hurry.Follow the immortal arrived at danqiu fairyland ah, stay in the immortal home.In the morning I wash my hair in the corn, and in the evening I dry my whole body in the sunshine.Drink the beauty of Kunlun Feiquan ah, embrace the essence of jade.My complexion is as fresh as jade, and my spirit is pure and beautiful.All the womb off and looks soft ah, look distant and energetic.Praise the warm climate of the south ah, praise the laurel tree in winter also spit fragrance.There are no wild animals in the woods and no one in the fields.Carrying the soul on the rosy clouds ah, covered with floating clouds and soaring.I asked the emperor to open the gate, and he opened it and looked at me.I have invited Hong Leong to be my guide, to visit the place where the celestial star is.Ascended nine days into the emperor palace tour ah, visit ten days star visit tianting qingdu.

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