LPL’s bad game came out, Gwen didn’t fight for 48 minutes, and the audience yelled and vomited

Yesterday, the first match between WE and BLG showed a situation that everyone didn’t understand.In the game, the BLG pro team created some economic development advantage in the early stages with stronger hard power.However, in the middle of the team war, problems gradually appeared.Several waves of teams came into full play.BLG pros have the advantage, but it’s not easy to get in and play wild.Here, team WE dare not play first from beginning to end.In this way, they have been involved in the Dragon Ball situation.The WE team even got the spirit of the water dragon, but the team was still afraid to play the team.The mobile game’s WE formation is strong in the middle and late stages, especially Gwen, the single best outfit on LOL.At this stage, the only way to indelibly suppress the other side is to turn on the version number, but WE just don’t fight.Even WE will shut down three roads, even the dragon spirit.Until finally, the BLG also understood that even if WE did not move, it would not open here.It doesn’t make sense to be first from last.After the last wave, WE team was leveled by BLG immediately. After the end of the game, I can only say that it is unreasonable to be the last, such a team is indeed the last, but also so timid, there are so many psychological burden, the result is getting uglier and uglier.BLG played like a headless chicken yesterday and did not know what to do, brush wild did not have the brain to enter AD dare not output afraid of taking the blame.The third game was also a classic.Biubiu confidently chose Akali.As a result, the opposite line is embarrassed, but is hit by the opposite line of life control.In a fit of rage, a broken boat came out.A single Gank wave took two heads, both used on discarded weapons and equipment.By the end of the game, the WE team had a result of 1-8, the same as TT.This result basically declares the LPL Spring competition a defeat.Getting into the regular season is almost impossible.Therefore, the advice to WE now is not to be afraid of losing.Only by being a winning team can we expect to rise again in the future.How can a young team become a dark horse?I think young teams should take full advantage of their spiritual nature, dare to win, not be afraid to carry the bag, not be afraid to lose, dare to compete against the seeds, challenge the seeds in unexpected forms.The spirit of a professional team is very important.If a young team doesn’t have charisma, if they can’t play an offensive role, then it’s really hard to see expectations.In the direction of professional teams, the idea of shaping new teams appropriately is to be coach-led, develop game strategies and strategic design styles for participants, and then see if there are good people in the participants.If they had, they would have left a wave of ribs and waited for the transfer period to gradually improve their overall strength, but the current WE doesn’t seem worthy of shaping or becoming a top competitor.

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