Lanik finally woke up!Free cristiano Ronaldo once and for all, United see hope for four

It’s been a nightmare week for Rangnick and his team since the Manchester Derby debacle.The barrage of criticism and questioning from social media platforms and media outlets focused not only on the German coach’s tactics and personnel, but also on his failure to control the dressing room.Cristiano ronaldo, who claimed to have suffered a hip flexor injury that ruled him out of the Derby, amplified the rift by heading straight back to Portugal to recuperate.However, just over a week later, a fully fit Cristiano ronaldo and a flexible Rangnick helped United bounce back in time to win the first game of the season and the realistic goal of the red Devils’ four major league games.More important than Cristiano ronaldo scoring a hat trick and setting records, Ranick and his United team have found the “right way” to score goals and win.The Reds still have more games than their rivals but at least they are not falling behind.Without B fernandes, McTominay and Luke Shaw, the red Devils were reduced in strength at both ends of the attack.Pogba replaced the Portuguese star, but more in the fake nine than 10 position, sancho and Rashford continued to provide ammunition for Cristiano ronaldo on the flanks, and matic was an option alongside Fred as a defensive midfielder.This is despite a week of media speculation about ronaldo and Ranick, and even rumours that the German coach could be sacked early at flagship Street.But it is clear that the godfather of modern German football is more than a mere figment of his name.Cavani has just returned from injury and only Cristiano Ronaldo is available at centre-forward, but rather than just waiting in the box for ammunition, the Portuguese is more likely to drop back to hold the ball and play wide on both sides.Pogba often played in the false nine to keep Spurs’ defence at bay, giving Cristiano Ronaldo more room to maneuver.At the same time, cristiano ronaldo has been able to make up for the lack of playmaker Fernandes by playing in quick groups with his team-mates.It is worth mentioning that Terez’s deep penetration on the left, coupled with Fred’s frequent penetration, gave United a partial numerical advantage up front, and cristiano ronaldo was the core of the passing, allowing cristiano to play freely.It was also because Ronaldo was out of the box and free of the tottenham defenders’ marking that Ranick’s multi-player approach to the front was able to work, giving Ronaldo more comfortable shooting opportunities.The opening goal was a brilliant long-range effort from a wide range and group effort, with ronaldo dropping back after spurs defenders were drawn by their team-mates and left unmarked.The second goal also came from midfield, forcing tottenham’s defence to move forward. Matich’s long ball from the left was cleared by Sancho and cristiano ronaldo’s cross into the penalty area was not to be missed.Although united’s defence, with Maguire’s consistency, was still a major obstacle to the reds’ bid for fourth place, the game almost cost united two points.But Ranick’s tactical manoeuvre freed ronaldo to give the Portuguese star his first hat-trick in 14 years and the three crucial points in united’s four-game run.The 37-year-old ronaldo has previously been in a poor performance, due to physical competition in the Premier League is no longer the upper hand, but his shooting and passing skills are still top, how to open up for Ronaldo to shoot, is the key to United’s success.Fortunately, this problem was solved in the spurs game.Both managers were full of praise for ronaldo after the match, with Rangnick joking that ronaldo should go back to Portugal for three days a week, then back to United for two days and train three days before the match: “If he plays like this again, maybe we should all do it later.”Conte shook hands with Cristiano ronaldo after the game and said tottenham had lost to the Red devils star, not Manchester United.Cristiano ronaldo was the main beneficiary of ranick’s change of form and tactics and opened everyone’s eyes to the possibility of United reaching their full potential.With Marcus Rashford still invisible and midfield and defence still unassailable, the reds’ only way to win is to improve their scoring efficiency.Sancho is finding his way on the wing, finding the right balance between cristiano ronaldo and the other strikers, and ranick is finally seeing the light at the end of his search for most of the season.In addition to cristiano ronaldo as the core, the performances of Pogba and Fred also gave Ranick a glimpse of another possibility in attack.Both men have struggled defensively in the past, but there were some bright spots in attack that may give United a new solution for future matches.Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo has not been able to mask united’s ongoing problems.Maguire, who scored his own goal after the match, was pilloried by fans after he liked ronaldo’s social media page.The Reds defence had cristiano Ronaldo to thank for their three points, but the ticking time bomb would not have been in the mood to congratulate his team-mates.United greats Gary Neville and Roy keane both praised ronaldo’s performance, but Neville was unflattering, pointing out that united’s second-half performance was simply too good for ronaldo.United were lucky, too, otherwise the nightmare would have continued if tottenham had been a bit more targeted in the closing seconds.Although United won a very important game in the sprint, it was only to stay in the top four.United have at least a game in hand over their rivals in contention, and even if they beat Tottenham, who have two games in hand and are five points adrift of united, it is still theoretically possible to overtake the red devils.Not to mention arch-rivals Arsenal have three games in hand, and the six-point clash between the two teams will not be played until late April, and Manchester United are away.The Reds face Atletico Madrid in midweek and have a make-up game against Liverpool ahead.Even with Chelsea’s sudden change and the possibility of a future points penalty, United are still in a tight spot for fourth place.But at least the brilliance of Cristiano Ronaldo has given United hope.Rangnick also revealed the pre-match mobilisation of the squad, hoping the players will prove themselves in front of 75,000 fans at Old Trafford: “It’s the best day, the best ground, the best opposition and we need to perform as we should.”Cristiano ronaldo saved United, but it was also a self-rescue by Ranick.While not perfect, as Neville suggested, it was at least a start of relief for Reds fans.

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