Master fire after the user crazy play terrier: YYF unexpectedly beat old Chen, knife tower district a brother to upgrade

Although douyu Dota2 area of a brother is recognized as YYF moonlight maple, but Chen is also the only one of the popularity can compete with YYF anchor, Chen original name Chen Yanchuan, once with a hand of the brilliant butcher operation to conquer the people, butcher A Chuan said is him, can be called Dota history of the earliest unique brother,After turning to anchor, it attracted many fans because of the whole life.Although there have been two men online for the knife tower area, a brother, but the fact is that yyf and Mr. Chen personally is very good, love is mutual slaughter a pair of brothers, for example the two days of fighting games “master” fire, yyf and Mr. Chen to join this game in admiration, as a knife tower, the old man, two people game talent show up soon,On closer inspection, however, they have slightly different skills.Some netizens have sorted out yyF VS Chen playing “Master Sifu” live comparison with the screen, although Chen played for the first time, but skilled, rub tricks;In comparison, YYF died N times, it is true that there is a little face.However, this is also very two people’s game style, said another game “Unbroken”, when YYF Maple elder brother first into the cave state is also all the way to be miserable, he played elegant style as a result of the delivery, the core game became a happy sand carving game, Maple brother is really not easy.After many times of hard practice, YYF strength soared, he all the way with the dragon god, Mr. Chen in the “Eternal” game shine, even in the game, yyF tianhai Buddha in the dragon God, Mr. Chen are dead, with their own efforts to turn the tide, such maple brother is not strong.Due to YYF playing Buddha really to a soaring realm, usually in the studio and Old Chen team, Maple brother also staged seven into seven out of the brilliant record, so he has a new title:”Zhao Yun”, and his partner “butcher chuan” Lao Chen operation is compared to the next meal, many times by YYF protection to barely survive, so Lao Chen was water friends nicknamed “DOU”.Up to now, A dou of Zhao Yun is still spread in the legend of the river’s lake in The eternal Unbreakable.Play “forever”, YYF show technology Chen is responsible for the whole live, play “master” when Chen is better, can only say that everyone for different game adaptability is not the same, so, don’t say they are fighting for a brother, or quiet to see their whole live.

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