The 77-year-old swineherd turned out to be a fugitive from a murder 13 years ago

Thirteen years ago, Sha ran away with a knife.For years, he hid in anonymity.He was 77 years old and had been raising pigs on a farm for five years until he was recently caught by police in Sihong, suqian.Although he does not go out of the house every day, do not love to talk, never quarrel with people, but eventually did not escape the law.At the end of January, the intelligent investigation Center of Suqian Public Security Bureau found that a resident of Fengshan Township, Sihong County, suspected of anhui murder suspect Shamou jia, and immediately sent clues to sihong County public Security Bureau.Received the inspection instruction, Sihong County public Security Bureau immediately transferred elite police to set up a task force, quickly organized to carry out research and judgment tracking.After nearly 8 hours of continuous fighting, finally, the task force in a farming field in Zhao Ma Village, Tiangang Lake township sha a successful capture.After the trial, Shaxx confessed to his knife murder 13 years ago.According to Sha, one night in September 2009, he had a conflict with his neighbor, Surnamed Sha, and stabbed his neighbor to death and his son. After that, he hid his name and fled.It is reported that over the years, Sha has been incognito, fleeing in the northeast of Anhui province in various counties and districts, have not been found by the public security organs.In 2017, Sha mou a pseudonym “Ding mou”, fled to Sihong County Tianghu Township Zhao Ma village, a closed management of the farm, to pig working for a living, a hidden is 5 years.While in hiding, he never argued with anyone or contacted any of his family or friends back home.According to local villagers, “Old Ding” works in the farm every day, rarely interacts with people outside, and seldom sees him at ordinary times.Only a few times a year, he shops for necessities at a nearby kiosk on his tricycle.Years of fugitive life, let sand some armour think hide here, can live slowly, old day by day.”At first, Sha still pretended to be dumb and resisted, claiming to be a local man named Ding. He was old and had a variety of senile diseases, so he couldn’t remember anything.But he spoke with a strong Anhui accent, and we were sure we had the right man.”Arrest group police Xu Wenjun said.”Over the past 13 years, I have thought about what it would be like to be caught, but I never thought I could be caught hiding in such a remote place.What will come will come.”Sand a told the police handling the case.On the way to be escorted, Shamou a suddenly emotional, kneeling on the ground, covered his face and cried.When the police asked him why, he cried and said, “I regret. I shouldn’t have acted so impulsively.”Proofreading xu Heng source: Purple Cow News

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