An effective Method for compiling job Description (With template)

Welcome to pay attention to this headline @jia Dazheng  to share useful management tools for you.Pay attention to first and then read, can leave a message or private letter, together to solve the management of practical problems.Let me ask you a question. Is the job description useful?There must be!I think most of the people who answered in this way are human resource practitioners. After all, they focus on responsibilities sorting, job evaluation and personnel recruitment. Job description is a document carrier, which naturally has a lot of play.What will the boss say?It will probably be a question — useful, right?Because say useless, appear oneself manage self-cultivation is insufficient;Say it’s useful, but can’t say it’s useful?What will other positions say?Nine out of ten will be sonorous and forceful answer – have a fart use!Either you haven’t seen the job description, or you don’t understand it!Everyone was right. The only thing wrong was that the job description wasn’t good enough.Keep in mind that any management of documents that is not intended for practical use is a scam.I have summarized the following reasons for the poor job description: First, it does not pay attention to or attaches too much importance to the standardization of the text.There are two extremes here. One is to have for the sake of having.Second, it is too complicated, not only the content is much, the requirements are quite high, and even the wording should be standardized.In fact, these two are formalism, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, formalism is not to be, apply their own is the best.Secondly, there is a classic saying, “Write as I do, do as I write”, which really hurts people.Don’t forget, we also have an idiom — a leopard dies hard to change, especially when wrong practices become habits, it is more trouble to correct, I am afraid, if the wrong practices are written in, is not a big trouble.Therefore, the job description does not necessarily need to be written by the operator himself, but should be written by the person who is most familiar with the operation of a position, which may be the operator or his manager or others.Third, human resource managers should not overreach the longterm, the human resources of many companies is not to move the business department.So, simply start their own, rich food and clothing, in shape and out of shape.Having said that, what should I do with the job description?The following case is a good example. Let’s see where it is good: First, the text is standard and the layout is simple, even one page can be done, and it effectively covers the main content that the job description should cover;Second, the description of responsibilities is clear. The description of work content from three levels of day, week and month can make the incumbent have a clear understanding of what he needs to do in what time period.Moreover, the description of responsibilities are very grounded, the words are also very down-to-earth, unlike some instructions do not speak human language.Third, linking to forms provides tools for landing responsibilities.Of course, the job description is more than this form, we can choose the corresponding form according to their own characteristics.Examples are attached below:

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