Bacon fried rice to do so, a learning will, delicious to stop!

Winter don’t lack most is the bacon sausage, very thick fragrance meet ~ hee hee practice: 1, cooked rice cool spare 2, dice bacon cooked 3, oil heat add egg liquid slip cooked remove extra 4, garlic sprout clean piace thenminto (head and leaves open), ham sausage dicing, green peppers piace thenminto, beans piace thenminto 5, spices:Salt, soy sauce, chicken essence 6, add a small amount of oil pan, heat after add the bacon, fry the scrambled out after excess oil, add garlic sprout head, green pepper, stir-fry, string beans, eggs, sausages, add after add rice, stir 2 minutes after Fried rice powder flavor with a small amount of salt, stirring occasionally, add garlic sprout leaf, chicken stir evenly can be!

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