Evaluation form of teaching design scheme and Lecture telling Competition in the first semester

Name: Evaluation item Evaluation content evaluation score 10 — 1 Instructional Design 1.The value of the topic.It is typical to select relatively independent and complete humanistic quality/vocational learning activities or a specific content from integrated curriculum learning tasks.2. Learning Objectives.It can reflect the requirements of students’ professional quality and comprehensive professional ability, and can be combined with the actual situation of students, clear, specific and operability.3. Learning content.Including theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge and work of the elements of the requirements, and the cultivation of humanistic quality or enterprise production process is closely related.4. Learning resources.The design of learning resources can reflect students’ learning under the guidance of questions, and the design of learning environment is consistent with the requirements of social life or work environment as much as possible.Teaching implementation 5. Student involvement.The learning atmosphere is good, the students are active in learning, interested in learning, can actively and effectively put into learning activities.6. Teaching methods.Effectively support the development of learning activities, using a variety of teaching media, information means and digital resources, good selection and combination, novel and creative.7. Teaching methods.It embodies the student-centered and action-oriented teaching philosophy, adopts blended learning, attaches importance to students’ adaptation and acceptance, and adopts flexible forms and effective methods.8. Teaching courseware.Can effectively stable open, the image is clear and stable, if there is audio needs to be synchronized with the picture, reflect the learning and teaching situation.Teaching evaluation 9. Academic evaluation.The evaluation method is reasonable and easy to operate, which can effectively solve practical teaching problems and promote the improvement of students’ thinking and accomplishment and comprehensive vocational ability.Competition option 10-1. Text of teaching plan.The text style of the submitted teaching scheme is standard, comprehensive in content, smooth in writing, and the charts meet the requirements of technical specifications with clear expression.10-2. Speaking requirements.Accurately use the way of teaching to show the learning content, the content is comprehensive, hierarchical, logical thinking is clear.Evaluate the total score judge’s signature

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