Liu Yu’s music video “New Era Winter Olympics” perfectly shows the charm of ice and snow sports

Liu Yu, the leader of INTO1 male singing and acting group, has made a music video called “New Era Olympics” to promote snow and ice sports.As the captain of INTO1, I did not expect to be so good at composition and video editing.From the moment she knew her subject, Liu quickly developed a cool, rhythmical and seamless approach.In the selection of scenery, composition and shooting method, Liu Yu has his own style.When he is holding the camera is doing skating teammates back, the sea on the shimmering light, the picture is really beautiful.When Liu yu’s teammates watched the MV he made, they couldn’t help praising him: liu Yu is really good!It is worth saying that the MV production process, but also specially invited Olympic champion Zhou Yang to teach them speed skating movements.In the filming process, some members kept falling down, and kept getting up to continue to practice, in the unremitting efforts, the final editing of the short film.Liu yu said that he hoped that the promotional video would help more people understand the sport and continue the Olympic spirit.

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