The top flow project of expressways will be developed, and the Dongguan-Shenzhen and Longlin expressways will be renovated and expanded

A few days ago, guangzhou public resources transaction network issued a tender announcement “Yongdong-Guan-Guan-Foshan Expressway changping to Humen section and Humen Port branch line phase I renovation and expansion project, Pearl River Delta ring Highway Dongguan to Shenzhen section and Longlin branch line renovation and expansion project survey and design”.The changhu and Dongguan-Shenzhen expressways will be expanded to two-way 10 lanes and partial two-way 12 lanes in the future, according to the tender notice.Changping to Humen section of Yong-Guan-Guan-Foshan Expressway and humen Port Branch Line phase I reconstruction and expansion Project (changhu Expressway Reconstruction and Expansion Project for short), Dongguan to Shenzhen section of Pearl River Delta Loop Expressway and Longlin Branch Line Renovation and expansion Project (Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway Reconstruction and Expansion Project for short) have been listed as provincial key construction preliminary projects respectively.The project owners are Dongguan Road and Bridge Investment And Construction Co.,Ltd and Dongguan Development (Holdings) Co.,Ltd. The survey and design bidding items of the project have been approved and prepared by Guangdong Development and Reform Commission (Guangdong Development and Reform Base Han (2021) No. 776). The tenderer of this bidding is Dongguan Road and Bridge Investment and Construction Co.,Ltd. The construction funds are self-raised by the enterprise and bank loan.The project has met the bidding conditions, and now the survey and design of the project is subject to public bidding by means of post-qualification examination.This project is estimated to be 38.986 billion yuan in total, of which the construction and installation cost is 24.022 billion yuan, subject to the approval of the superior competent department.According to the bidding announcement, the length of the Pearl River Delta Loop expressway from Dongguan to Shenzhen and the Reconstruction and expansion project of The Longlin Branch line (referred to as the Reconstruction and expansion project of the Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway) is about 55.652 kilometers, consisting of 46.552 kilometers of the Dongguan-Shenzhen main line and 9.1 kilometers of the Longlin branch line respectively.This project the main line in shenzhen, dongguan two cities at the junction of south, north in dongguan dongcheng this.i dragon street interchange, south to shenzhen guan deep junction, Long Lin regional transformation starting point in western following enterprise dragon back range, after this.i tangxia deep highway hub, from east to this.i high-speed pond clear traffic hub, and from guan expressway.The implementation scope of reconstruction and expansion of the main line section of Guanshen High-speed highway is FROM K0+000 to K46+552, with a total length of 46.552 km. The expressway technical standard is adopted, and the design speed is 100 km/h. The recommended expansion scheme is mainly 10 lanes of plane width, and the width of roadbed is 50 meters.The section from Daoyuan Junction to Dalang Interchange (K17+500-K24+200) adopts separate expansion of dual 12 lanes, and no tunnel is set throughout the line.On the ground floor, there are 3715.3 m /2 extra-large Bridges, 4468.96 m /20 Bridges, and 1,950.5 m /25 medium and small Bridges, accounting for 21.8% of the route (excluding three-dimensional Bridges).The three-dimensional layer is equipped with a large bridge of 5513m /2, and a small bridge of 81m /1.Across the board with interchanges 11 (ohtsubo exchange, tangxia hub, hwang river interchange, a hub (by Chang Hu high-speed expansion), DaLang exchange, exchange, stone big step Lao hub () by guan’s high-speed, traffic management center, exchange, exchange, guan guan zhang dragon chariot on each), 8 from ramp toll station, service area 1 (hwang river service area),1 parking area (newly added Dongcheng parking area) and 1 management center (existing management center).The implementation range of longlin branch line reconstruction and expansion is LK0+800 ~ LK9+900, with a total length of 9.1km, adopting highway technical standards and a design speed of 100km/h. The reconstruction and expansion scheme is recommended to adopt the construction scheme of plane split-width 8-lane, supplemented by separate widening. After the expansion, the width of roadbed is 41.5 meters, and no tunnel is set along the whole line.There are 579 meters /3 Bridges, 358 meters /9 medium and small Bridges, with Bridges accounting for 10.3% of the route.The whole line has 4 interchange (Yingbin interchange, Tianxin interchange, Lincun interchange, Tangqing hub), ramp toll station 3.Tender documents “introduction” part, points out that Chang Hu high-speed and guan highway is the national high speed highway network and an important part of highway network in guangdong province, among them, the raccoon deep axis high speed corridor is shenzhen kechuang penetrability, north and south to connect to core area, guangzhou and shenzhen Chang Hu high-speed is something horizontally across the pearl river on both sides of the traffic artery,It connects Nansha and passes through the center of developed coastal towns in the southwest of Dongguan and songshan Lake, a national science center.The longitudinal and transverse arteries will become the important traffic and urban axes of guangzhou and Shenzhen metropolitan circles.The tenderer’s abandonment of the previous highway only satisfy the traffic function, is committed to upgrading by wisdom, innovation, quality and total factor design, will this project construction to be core with large bay area city image matching, and urban landscape harmonious symbiosis on both sides of the trunk corridors, “” traffic power engineering model and large bay area core area highway flow project.According to the bidding document, the designer should have an international vision, advanced concepts and rich design experience, and integrate the top design team to carry out the design work of the project.By concept innovation, technology innovation, material innovation and process innovation breakthrough traditional model of highway design and construction, reconstruction project traffic organization pattern and operation management mode, enhance the level of engineering design and aesthetic design, for the architecture of the project, quality, promotions, build assembly, digital design, wisdom, and lay a solid foundation,Changhu and Dongguan-Shenzhen expressways will be built into safe and intelligent expressways with green quality and artistic beauty.With the overall goal of “building a green and intensive quality project and an intelligent model of exploration and innovation demonstration”, the tenderee will build a win-win and open cooperative partnership with all parties participating in the project, and jointly strive to achieve the construction objectives of the project through innovation and high-quality work.Zhu Jin statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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