Wife: Jun Qing injured wang Ye remorse, a bowl of small noodles birthday celebration, small tiger into the biggest highlight

In the previous section, we say to Zhao Meng don’t listen to your command, with the cavalry into the enemy’s trap, in order to rescue trapped soldiers, report personally from combat, behold, the enemy otherwise purpose, while he was in the fight ahead, to an attack on the warehouse, then heard the news of JingShao non-stop to catch back, but unexpectedly, shortly after he arrived in camp,Helplessly looked at jun Qing was cut.Looked at the ferocious wound, JingShao mind out past jun qing’s face, is so pale, then in a little bit of erosion proof of life, is also in tell JingShao, how he missed a person, so after JingShao rebirth, decided to good to jun qing, don’t let the other side a little injury, but jun qing still injured, his remorse, and the scene be jun qing panoramic view,Therefore, he endured the pain to comfort predecessors.But in the treatment of wounds, he still inevitable exposed painful expression, in order not to let JingShao so self-blame, jun qing decided to give him to find something to do, so after the wound wound, he let JingShao to find little tiger, the tiger was stuck him since adopted by jun qing, shuddering just now, the enemy is made clear when the target,So there is no time to care for the baby tiger, how to find it now.Jun qing since opening, JingShao is not from nature, so open report and began to walk up in the barracks, before long, he saw little guy in the place where is filled with the goods, but looked at the dirty little tiger, sovereign abandon it to others to take a bath, so you come awake to see such a scene, little tiger, on sovereign shoulderOne and one of them looked at themselves pitifully and looked lovely.Can not wait for him how to appreciate, a small soldier then carried in a bowl of hot noodles, according to jing Shao understanding of Jun Qing, he should be like to eat rice ah, how to suddenly change the taste today?Although feel strange, but since it is Jun Qing want to eat, he is naturally happy to feed, as everyone knows, this bowl of noodles is Jun Qing point for his longevity noodles, for is to celebrate his birthday.See here, the orange suddenly feel, Jun Qing is not easy, with injuries on his body, but also remember to give Jingshao birthday, fortunately, although Jingshao do not know, but still by feeding Jun Qing opportunity and he will finish a bowl of noodles, also eat his longevity noodles.It is interesting that when they are eating a bowl of noodles together, the paw of the tiger is also secretly reaching for the noodles. When I see this scene, I realize that the biggest highlight of the whole story is the tiger, with its participation, the whole picture is much warmer.

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