Your problem isn’t a lack of purpose, it’s a lack of something

I am Qing Ruo, click on the top right “attention”, every day for you to share with dry goods.When I have no one to rely on, everything depends on myself.In order to get a driver’s license, she has been busy taking the test during her spare time at work. After reading about 1,800 questions, she started a mock test.From 70 points in the first test, to 76 points, and then to 90 points, at this moment, I was one step closer to getting a driving license.I remember when my sister took the driver’s license test, I also followed some of them, but at that time, I made a lot of mistakes and felt very difficult. Even the more than 1800 questions, I felt dizzy when I first looked.I first look down on themselves, and in the heart feel that they can not pass the test, in this mood, I do not even see the mood.However, at the beginning of this year, I had the idea of taking a driver’s license and trying to get it this year.And the reason why I want to get a driver’s license so much this year is that because I can’t drive, I will always be at the bottom of the queue, no matter at home or at work.I had to get over the smell of gasoline, hold back the smell that was killing me, adapt, accept, change.Getting a driver’s license is just one of my small goals this year. I have many other goals. Before this year, I always had goals, but I just started to implement them this year.Last year, I also held a similar goal, thinking about change, thinking about making yourself better, even if you have a goal, but in order to achieve the goal one by one, this matter, but always three minutes.I know I can set goals for myself, it must be of great benefit to me in the future, but I can not control my lazy heart.Working for change, setting goals, external stimulation is important.My job is very simple, very simple, very unskilled, just physical work, you are constantly moving, you are always holding something in your hand, eight hours a day, very tired.After working here for half a year, my colleague who has been sitting in front of the computer said that the boss asked her to teach me how to make a single and calculate accounts, and when she was not busy, she would teach me.But wait until the New Year, wait until the beginning of this year, the store came to the boss’s relatives, colleagues began to teach her, as if before I said, is a mass of air.And I waited, and finally I didn’t even have a chance to move up.Without a college education or a diploma, I can only work at the bottom. I don’t think it is a humble job, but I hope that even the most tiring work should be treated with due respect.My colleague didn’t say anything, even if he just explained the reason to me. I know the new comer is a relative of the boss, I can understand, but I want someone to say sorry to me.But I understand that there is a very real problem. You don’t have the ability, background, or even a universal skill like driving, how can anyone choose you over others?Give yourself an excuse not to be better.I told myself, don’t feel bad about yourself, don’t compare yourself to others, the only person you can compare yourself to is yourself.From taking part in the writing challenge, IN February, I succeeded, got more than ten yuan of reward, and got a lot of people’s attention. In March, I continued to take part in the challenge, because I knew I could do it.It’s really hard not to care what other people think, so I have to cram all my free time so I don’t have time to think.Time away from work is your chance to change your life.Writing, reading, exercising, I spend the rest of my time here, not at work.I give myself a daily schedule, sometimes interrupted, but mostly on the same track.Considering that I usually sit in front of the computer after work, I have to do some exercise. Sometimes I read or write until early in the morning, which makes me very sleepy and tired. I also insist on doing some exercise.Because I know THAT I have to have a healthy body to make sure that when I get better, I have the energy to go in a better direction.At the beginning, it was very difficult to insist. My eyes were so sleepy that I just wanted to sleep. In my heart, there was always a voice telling you that ‘you are sleepy, do it tomorrow’.I learned to say no to myself. I knew that once I had an indulgence, I would allow it to continue for anything that followed.Once you have a strong enough reason, the goals you set for yourself will be achieved and successful.I am working hard quietly, only to meet the amazing myself in the future.Author introduction: Qing Ruo, a writer of the post-90 generation, focuses on personal growth and we-media writing, and lives every day with heart.Advice to everyone: In 3 steps, you can transform yourself. “Maybe not if you don’t work hard.””Advice to all of you: Your life depends on the time you spend after work.”

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