Rural construction “ten not ten”

In order to clarify the guidance of beautiful countryside construction, standardize the planning, design and construction management of beautiful countryside, and avoid the negative phenomenon of damaging the rural style and deviating from the rural theme, Yuhang District of Hangzhou issued the “Ten inappropriate” management regulations for beautiful countryside construction.1. Do not cut down trees or occupy water areas (including ponds) at will to protect the natural ecology and preserve the rural landscape.We should fully follow the law of rural development, preserve as far as possible the original natural ecological environment with strong rural flavor, such as mountains, rivers, forests, fields, roads and houses, and make scientific use of natural vegetation, slopes, wetlands and lake backwaters.In case of felling or transplanting trees with DBH over 5cm or filling river channels or small and micro water bodies due to special circumstances, it shall be reported in writing to the Forestry and Water Resources Bureau for approval.Two, do not allow the use of marble, mirror stone, color materials and other expensive building materials for paving or building components should highlight the local stone, bamboo, wood and other building materials, control the cost, the selection of materials should be consistent with the rural style.Three, it is not allowed to use primary color stainless steel, PVC plastic and other materials inconsistent with the rural style as railings or building components should be coordinated. The color and material of building materials should be coordinated with the building style.Large area hardened sites and non-ecological parking lots shall not be built, and grey concrete shall not be used for new or rebuilt roads.Rural construction should not be simply in line with urbanization, destroying the original rural layout should be reasonable layout of public activity venues, according to the village regional characteristics and actual population situation, appropriate layout of village activity venues space, in accordance with the basic needs of villagers and the principle of host and guest sharing, planning and construction, “small but fine, small and beautiful”.The construction can reflect the rural culture history, the continuation of the rural context of the characteristic landscape.The use of pervious asphalt, black concrete and other materials, public places to implement grass (tree) type, pervious water construction and other ecological construction technology.V. Do not plant large size trees with DBH over 20cm (except a few important nodes) and flowers and plants that are not easy to maintain and protect (plastic shrubs, bonsai and seasonal flowers and sea flowers that need to be regularly planted). It is advisable to plant local trees, trees, fruit trees, perennial flowers and vines to form regional characteristics and reduce maintenance costs.6. Non-functional solid walls with a height of more than 1 meter shall not be built. During the renovation of permeable walls, the distribution of solid walls shall not exceed 60 centimeters, and the total height shall not exceed 1.6 meters.7. River courses (ponds) and mountain slopes shall not be made non-ecological mottling or hardening (such as hard impervious materials such as concrete and block stone irrigation).In the regulation of a river course (pond), it shall not be allowed to change the course, cut the bend and straighten the river, cut the beach to change the natural form of the river, etc.It is not allowed to adopt non-ecological revetment, build high retaining wall revetment, and harden the river bottom into a “three-sided smooth” river channel.Strictly control the installation of weirs, trestles and horizontal platforms in rivers and ponds to protect the slope naturally, and ensure ecological transparency. Retain the original river bay, rapids, banks and xinzhou, maintain the original flow state as far as possible, and maintain the diversity of river forms and coordination with the environment.The natural bank slope should be retained, the bank should be protected by low construction, the natural materials with good water and air permeability should be selected, and the conditions for improving river water environment, water and soil conservation, aquatic plant growth, aquatic animal breeding and amphibian habitat and reproduction should be considered comprehensively.Construction without approval is not allowed, and any construction without planning, design and approval is prohibited. It is advisable to follow the planning, construct legally, strengthen basic environmental remediation, and protect historical buildings.Old buildings over 30 years old and other historical buildings (structures) with preservation value can be applied for preservation after being put on record by the District Beautiful Countryside Office.Nine, not excessive use of wall painting and disorderly writing and hanging slogans.No excessive use of wall painting, painting lack of cultural themes, local characteristics, too bright colors, wall painting is very different from the surrounding style, no graffiti slogans;Not in some important nodes and public space to hang the name of the brand color coordination, just right.Strictly control the color and pattern of building facade, drawing should have theme, clue flavor and beauty, color and surrounding style match, so that the wall painting plays the role of finishing point.10. Unrealistic large-scale demolition and construction and excessive artificial landscaping shall not be carried out.In order to prevent excessive construction, extravagance and waste, gild the lily.No project of no practical value or man-made landscape inconsistent with the surrounding environment or the local natural and cultural environment shall be constructed;Archways, stone pavilions and antique corridor Bridges without historical origins shall not be built, and pavilions and corridors shall be strictly controlled.Avoid not “soil” not “foreign”, not a lot of use of jingshi.It should be properly distributed, practical and effective, and retain the rural fabric.Insisted on the priority of basic environmental renovation, in order to improve the living environment and the public service as the key point, reasonable planning and construction of public infrastructure projects, according to the principle of minimum intervention, strictly control the volume of engineering construction, timber and construction funds, avoid flashy image engineering, building neat, beautiful, comfortable, healthy, natural beautiful countryside.Copyright notice: text and text from the township zhixiang see, only for learning exchange, copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source of error or infringement, please contact xiaobian, will be promptly corrected and deleted.Read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles.We are honored to share this article with you!Not landing, not creative, if you have a good material case, also welcome to share the comments below ~

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