Yulin public Security traffic police Hengshan brigade to promote the tube tightening coal enterprise traffic safety “screw”

In order to further enhance the majority of coal enterprise drivers and workers of the sense of abiding by the law and civilized traffic awareness, ramming the basis of traffic accident prevention, help enterprises after the sustainable development of production safety, February 14, Yulin public security traffic police Brigade Lei Longwan squadron was invited into the area of wei Wall coal Company,More than 120 employees were given a traffic safety publicity campaign with the theme of “abiding by the law and comity is to cherish life”, thus tightening the “screw” of preventing accidents mentally.During the period, the publicity police from the staff’s own safety, production and development of enterprises and Spring Festival transport traffic safety situation and other aspects to clarify the purpose and significance of this activity.Then, police from the point of view of rites weight method, systematically introduces the history of the road traffic safety, the chapter each day reading it contains the main contents of “obey regulations know comity” theme, guide the broad worker should not only research method, the law, law-abiding, usage, more to “the ritual” stand in front of the “law”, reveal a new era of road traffic civilization degree and mutual comity temperature.At the same time, the policeman combined with several typical accident cases occurred in dioceses, illustrated, embodies both ability and political integrity to the scene of the accident reduction in front of the worker, not to obey the law, not to make it more intuitive way comity accidents bring painful, more profoundly understand drunk driving drunk driving, the overcrowding overload, new light cross the line, and traffic controlling and the dangers of traffic violations such as fatigue driving.Finally, civilian police for late Spring Festival transportation workers return concentration, practical, such as enterprise freight frequently from van “blind spots” open the door, the Dutch, the detail such as the zebra crossing comity pedestrian safety travel Suggestions are put forward, to mobilize all the trainees to keep in mind that accident lesson, be in law and rules of leader and civilization comity practice, tree good corporate image, improve production safety.This activity not only let the majority of drivers understand the importance of civility and comity when participating in road traffic activities, master more knowledge of traffic safety, but also sounded the alarm to the enterprise, for the effective prevention of road traffic safety defense in the late Spring Festival travel has played a positive role, received a good effect.(Li Yun) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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