Behind the black technology of the Winter Olympics is the investment “home” red Star Macalline

“The good life needs poetry and distance, but more needs sofa and bed.”Summer Britcher may not have heard of che Jianxin, chairman of Red Star Macalline, but she certainly knows.The American bobsledder recently shared his experience of staying in the Beijing Winter Olympics village, describing the smart bed in his room as’ incredible ‘.The tech-savvy bed can be adjusted in eight different modes to provide optimal support for the spine in different scenarios such as reading and watching TV.The mattress is made of non-temperature-sensitive gel memory sponge, composed of 3 layers of knitted fabric +20mm gel memory sponge +20mm high rebound sponge +60mm technology support sponge +50mm efficient support sponge, which perfectly fits the curve of human body and effectively supports the head, shoulder, waist, hip, legs and other parts.It is understood that the official smart bed supplier for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics is Kesheng Technology.Founded in 2005, the smart home company is the world’s leading provider of healthy sleep solutions. In the field of smart bed, the company is at the leading level in independent innovation, core technology research and development and intelligent manufacturing, and is recognized as the “hidden champion” in the industry at home and abroad.Since its establishment, Keisheng technology has provided innovative products and healthy sleep services to furniture sellers and families in more than 30 countries and regions around the world.Qi Sheng technology intelligent bed has become a hot spot in this winter Olympics and behind qi Sheng technology, there is another Chinese familiar with the name — Red Star Macalline.As early as November 2017, China’s largest home furnishing retailer “Belezhi Ma” increased its investment in Qisheng Technology and helped the latter to go public in the capital market in 2019.In the qi Sheng technology listed thank reception, Che Jianxin so evaluated the Chinese intelligent bed on behalf of the enterprise: “technology home, smart home market has a broad prospect, Qi Sheng technology to provide scientific and technological innovation of intelligent home, has successfully opened the market in the United States, Europe.China’s domestic market potential is unlimited, in the era of consumption upgrading, Keisheng technology is expected to occupy the domestic market of intelligent electric bed commanding heights, promote the sustainable development of the company.It has been less than two years since the company raised capital and went public, but the home furnishing giant’s investment is not for financial purposes, but for the practice of its own ideas and the certainty of the future development direction of the industry.On the one hand, jiaqi sheng technology will “for families around the world to provide health, safety, good life experience” as the goal of enterprise, committed to the system through continuous innovation, technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation, improve product technology content and quality of service, for the masses to provide high quality, high intelligent sleep products.This is highly consistent with the corporate mission of Red Star Macalline “to improve the home taste of Chinese people as its own responsibility, responsible for the home environmental protection of every family”.We should work together with like-minded people.Driven by a shared philosophy, the two companies have grown closer, expanding their collaboration from capital to business.The prospectus shows that Keisheng technology’s direct stores and counters have settled in Hangzhou and other Red Star Macalline shopping malls;In September 2020, the two sides jointly held the “2020 Smart Sleep Health Data Summit” to jointly promote the development of China’s sleep industry.On the other hand, intelligence has become one of the most certain development directions in the home furnishing industry.China is expected to become the world’s largest consumer of smart home market, accounting for 50%-60% of the global smart home market consumption share and 20%-30% of the profit share.China Business Industry Research Institute estimates that the size of China’s smart home market in 2021 will exceed 580 billion yuan.As a leader in the home furnishing industry, Red Star Macalline has invested in the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain.In addition to Qisheng Technology, unigroup, ORVIBO and other companies have joined red Star Macalline’s circle of friends.In this way, through the support of Keisheng technology in 2017, Red Star Macalline has made a small episode of serving the Winter Olympics today.Athletes from all over the world can experience the unique sense of happiness, intelligence, security and comfort of Chinese families without entering the Red Star Macalline mall.What seems to be an unexpected surprise is actually the company’s long-term persistence.It is not easy to work deeply in an industry for more than 30 years, but it is this kind of focus that gives Red Star Macalline a vision to look at the industry through the cycle, allowing them to focus on the real attention.Red Star Macalline has always been leading the green ecological revolution of China’s home industry and the improvement of consumers’ home furnishing taste in its own way, from humanized shopping environment to situational commodity display form, to strict quality control and investment in key links of home furnishing industry chain.Although life changes with each passing day, one thing remains constant: people’s love of home.

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