There are several steps for Korean undergraduate applications

This article is intended for those who want to apply for a bachelor’s degree in A Korean university after graduating from middle school or college.First of all, the most key to apply for South Korean universities is Korean language level, if you have a good Korean basic, can successfully obtain TOPIK level 4, then most south Korean universities may give you open the door.So for students without Korean foundation or weak strength, before applying for college, into the language institute is very necessary.During the study in Korean Language school, I will have a more comprehensive grasp of various universities and technical majors in South Korea.The first step: It is best for Korean universities to apply for undergraduate courses one year earlier, so as to have the most satisfactory sense of application rhythm. Therefore, students should strengthen their Korean study and strive to get the minimum Korean level stipulated by the overall target school by September of the previous year.The second step: after the preparation of undergraduate raw materials in advance, South Korean university undergraduate application required raw materials:Application form For admission simple Self-introduction and Study Plan Education inquiry Informed Consent Form, graduation certificate, degree certification, family relationship notarization,Korean proficiency Level TOPIK 3-4 (subject to the requirements of the applicant institution), Korean course content certificate and attendance certificate English IELTS test result (Some technical majors must be English test result)In October, raw materials will be handed in gradually, online credit card application will be launched, and interview training will be conducted for students in schools where recruitment interviews are required.The fourth step: the examination and approval of colleges and universities, according to the admission notice issued successively.Step 5: Prepare the visa materials in advance after obtaining the standard admission approval;Assign students to pay visa fees and wait for the visa to be issued;Allocation of airport pick-up hotel accommodation;Give specific guidance to students before departure;Students go abroad for undergraduate study.We will continue to care about students’ learning status and attendance, and report and communicate with parents anytime and anywhere.To learn more

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