Tourists lust for snow trapped in the mountain, critical moment……

While the snow in the mountains is beautiful, there are also many dangers.At 16:00 on February 6th, two Tourists from Shanghai were trapped in the snow and ice section of Tianquan Mountain in the back dock of Moganshan while driving to enjoy the snow.The front is a narrow steep mountain road, the surrounding is also a piece of white, seeing the sky is getting darker and darker, tourists Wang and Ding immediately decided to call 110 police call for help.”We received a call for help at 4 o ‘clock, the vehicle is easy to slip in the snow, so quickly with anti-skid chains, shovels and other tools set out.”Mo Gan police station on duty police Yu Feng led the team to Tianquan Mountain, the mountain road frozen serious, unable to drive the vehicle, the police team can only park in houwu village, up the mountain on foot.In order to timely rescue, immediately contacted moganshan town fire squadron.After more than two hours of walking, police officers finally located the trapped vehicle according to the location.Two tourists said that they had not seen such a snowy scene for many years. At 1 PM, they were itching to drive up the mountain, but they were trapped here.It turned out that after arriving at Houwu Village, the two tourists, Wang, ignored the traffic signs and the security cordon on the road to Tianquan Mountain and insisted on driving to Tianquan Mountain, but the car was unable to continue because of snow and ice halfway up the mountain.In order to move the vehicle, the rescue workers a little bit of snow and ice removal near the wheels, so that after a suv with a chain slowly moved down, and another chain tied in the tire of the trapped car, slowly up.By about 9 p.m., the trapped vehicles and tourists were finally towed to safety.Xiaobian warm reminder: snow landslides, travel must pay attention to safety oh.-END- Reporter: Xu Shengyu Editor: Qian Zhuofei Executive Editor: Well done to Li Zhezhen and everyone!

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