Wesa elegant debut TNGA luxury medium SUV from 216,800 yuan

TNGA luxury medium-sized SUV Vesa elegant debut from 216,800 yuan 1.After 23 years of evolution for four generations, TNGA’s new luxury midsize SUV, The Vesa VENZA, is a natural luxury.Three-dimensional modeling, slender sharp headlights;One through the type of taillight, flowery, define the beauty of luxury.Saddle shape central handrail, a large area of high-grade soft cover, elegant breath, define the taste of luxury.Large area sound insulation material cover, thickened window glass, quiet environment, define luxurious sense.TNGA 2.0L/2.5L HEV has two powertrains for leisurely travel, defining the sense of luxury.2. Battery worry plan: there is no limit on the life and mileage of hybrid battery.3. New digital car purchase model, online car booking, visual tracking.Tailor-made for you more suitable for your installment plan, you can easily “loan” Vesa home!A variety of financial car purchase options, tailored for you, available for 5 years!Interested friends may wish to call the hotline: or click below “inquiry” consultation enjoy network sales S-VIP channel, to the shop consultation free trial drive.The event will run from February 12, 2022 to February 19, 2022

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