Xinhua News Agency: How valuable it is to hold the Beijing Winter Olympics

Xinhua News Agency (18) — The Beijing Winter Olympics, which have brought countless surprises to the world and made Chinese people extremely proud and moved, will close in two days.The Chinese team has won a record eight golds, four silvers and two bronzes so far, and there should be more surprises over the next two days.Summary of rough inventory of this winter Olympics, the reporter thinks there are at least five huge gains.First, the Beijing Winter Olympics have unwittingly produced a successful piece of home diplomacy for China.Originally, the Winter Olympics was a purely global ice and snow athletes gathered to show their competitive level of sports stage, but it was unexpectedly turned into an objective diplomacy of China under the slander of a few western anti-China politicians and media.About 170 official representatives from nearly 70 countries, regions and international organizations, including more than 30 heads of state and government, attended the Beijing Winter Olympics.It was the largest face-to-face meeting of dignitaries and officials from around the world in the past two years amid the COVID-19 pandemic.This has not only made the so-called “not sending officials to attend” clamour of some Western politicians into an international joke, but also let the world see that China’s “circle of friends” is further consolidating and expanding.Second, the Beijing Winter Olympics has focused the world’s attention on Beijing and China.More than 100 million people in the United States alone watched the Beijing Winter Olympics on TELEVISION, and more than 2 billion people followed it on social media worldwide, making it the most-watched Winter Olympics in history.Billions of people around the world have seen the real Beijing and the real China through television, the Internet and social media, which have helped to dispel absurd rumors and slanders against China in some Western media.This kind of global “advertising effect” can be said to be expensive.William Jones, Washington bureau chief of Global Strategic Information magazine, said: “The ceremony was full of Chinese cultural characteristics, giving athletes and audiences from around the world a more intuitive experience of China, which is completely different from the image of China portrayed by western media.”Even some unfriendly US media outlets had to concede sourly that the Beijing Olympics had been a success.Third, with the help of the Beijing Winter Olympics, The competitive level of China’s winter sports has jumped to an unprecedented height. China national Team has not only participated in all 15 events for the first time, but also won 8 gold MEDALS, 4 silver MEDALS and 2 bronze MEDALS so far, significantly improving its position in the medal table.Compared with summer sports, China’s winter sports have a low starting point and poor level. It has only been 20 years since the breakthrough of “zero” gold MEDALS in winter Olympics.And except for vancouver, which won a tie for seventh, Most of the Chinese team in the medal tally hovering in the low teens.With the holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the achievement of the goal of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, the development of Ice and snow sports in China will be inserted into the wings of take-off.We can expect that in the coming years, our winter sports competition level should be greatly improved by a high probability event.Fourth, the leapfrog development of Chongli, zhangjiakou competition area, brought by the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games may become a successful paradigm for some remote mountainous areas to use “cold resources” to develop “hot economy”.Chongli was a poor mountain village before Beijing won the bid for the Winter Olympics. In just a few years, chongli has been transformed into an ice and snow resort that meets international standards.In 2019, the city was removed from the list of poverty-stricken counties at the national level, and was recommended by The New York Times as one of the global tourist destinations of the year.”When I lived in Beijing 15 years ago, it would take us six or seven hours to drive to Zhangjiakou, which is a very small village,” said Iannis Exakos, CEO of Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS).I don’t know if people who go to Zhangjiakou now really realize what’s going on there.””I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” he said.Fifth, the Beijing Winter Olympics left behind a large number of “tangible assets”, such as ski resorts and ice rinks, as well as rich “intangible assets”.In fact, the winter Olympics dividend has already begun to release.China’s winter sports infrastructure has reached a new level in the more than six years since Beijing prepared for the Winter Olympics.The scale of ice and snow industry is also expanding in geometric progression.It is reported that the country has more than ten standard avenue speed skating halls, and we have become one of the countries with the most standard Avenue speed skating halls in the world.According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 650 skating rinks and more than 800 ski resorts in China.Now not only professional athletes can train in better facilities, we ordinary people can also play in the conditions and facilities of the very modern ice skating hall, ski resort play, develop their own hobbies.Beijing residents are eager to experience the “fastest ice” in the “Ice Ribbon” as soon as the Olympic Games are over, with the competition still in full swing.The generation of a large number of ice and snow sports population will certainly promote the rapid development of China’s ice and snow industry.It is predicted that a trillion-level industry is taking shape, and all of us will benefit from it, feeling “happiness” and “sense of gain”.The pure economics of the Olympics on paper may not be worked out until some time after the games are all over, but the big gains off the books are already visible and predictable.The promise of lasting benefits for generations in China for decades to come is now firmly in front of us.In this sense, hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics is really a big money!Looking back a few years from now, the Beijing Winter Olympics will surely be a milestone on the journey of building China into a sports power and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.(Xinhua Daily Telegraph)

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