A total investment of 45 billion xiaogan introduced a new energy battery project

With a total investment of 45 billion xiaogan the introduction of a new energy battery project of new energy projects settled in the cities of hubei province 45 billion or for the biggest local industrial projects according to the China economic times, China’s development of network, xiaogan release, xiaogan daily, surging PC client, provided, sohu PC client report, hubei xiaogan introduced a new energy battery project,The total investment is 45 billion yuan.Forty-five billion yuan is still a large investment for a prefecture-level city in Hubei province, the report said, adding that it is also the first project with the largest investment amount and highest technology content in the region.Xiaogan is a mild place in Hubei province. Although there are many plains and convenient transportation, it is close to Wuhan, but there are no big rivers, except Hanchuan which is close to the Han River, other places have no big rivers, which may also be a factor affecting development.Water shortage, industrial water, densely populated water can not be solved, and also can not use water low-cost shipping, if you take the road, railway, aviation certainly not cheap river water transport.In some mountainous areas and counties in Hubei province, the ANNUAL GDP may be only 10 or 20 billion yuan. This kind of investment is a relatively large project in Hubei province, which also promotes the local economy. Xiaogan used to have a sanjiang automobile, but it didn’t seem to be implemented.This project also belongs to the car supporting, new energy vehicles, lithium battery project, new energy is hot in recent years, mainly supported by the state, because of the reduction of carbon emissions, and a national energy security problem, China needs to import a lot of oil.And the traditional fuel car, compared with the international technology, there is a gap, but in the new energy battery and power, there are advantages, the key is that everyone starts at the same time, there is no need to be poor, can bend overtaking, directly across the progress.Internationally, extreme is to eliminate fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles, electric vehicles is at the core of the battery and charging technology questions, I feel no matter mobile phone batteries, electric vehicle batteries, car batteries, electric vehicle batteries, there is a short board, the energy density is not enough, charging time long, the standby time is short, price is quite expensive.If anyone can break through and develop mass-produced, low-cost batteries that fit the needs of the masses with long battery life, short charge time and cheap price, he or she will be able to lead the trend and dominate the market.Of course, there are also changing stations, changing mode, the battery is not expensive?You don’t buy, you rent, you share the battery, you go anywhere, you get a new battery, recharge the battery, just drive away, a few minutes or even a minute for you to change, this is also a solution.A short battery life in winter is also a factor.This project has invested 45 billion yuan to produce lithium ion batteries, which should have certain research and development capabilities, scientific and technological capabilities and public relations capabilities. Now many enterprises are developing new energy vehicles. There are many automobile manufacturers, automobile factories and automobile brands in Hubei, including Shiyan, Wuhan, Xiangyang, Suizhou and Jingmen.Xiaogan belongs to Wuhan city circle, also belongs to xiangshisuiautomobile industry corridor and the node city of Wuhan automobile industry circle. In the future, their products can be supplied to hubei automobile supporting system, and even to central China, China and the world in need.New energy is definitely the trend, burning oil, gasoline prices do not know how high, the key shipping freight is now expensive, some places are not necessarily peaceful, oil transport is easy to be controlled by people, burning electricity, China’s coal, solar energy, wind energy, biological, nuclear energy, water conservancy, straw, biogas can generate electricity, there is no problem of restrictions.Not military, commercial operations, general civil, actually electric enough, and maintenance costs, fuel costs far less than the fuel vehicle, that is life, you are not often run long distance, long distance you can rent a car, rent fuel car, very convenient, is not expensive, since you can run around, car rental and affordable.It’s said that this project is to drive some of the upstream and downstream enterprises, make billions of industry, hubei xiangyang gokseong, larger battery and lithium battery manufacturer, project, xiaogan has now, so from xiangyang to suizhou, xiaogan, wuhan, hubei from northwest to southeast, and become a automobile industry corridor, yichang, jingmen also introduced arose, the Great Wall project, so,Hubei can be said to be a big province of automobile industry, and a strong province of automobile industry also needs to create and create a trillion yuan industry. The SECOND Automobile Industry itself is located in Hubei, which can also rely on resources, traditions, technological advantages and brand advantages.Keeping green forever (1403 words) | kundera media culture studios Yun water river other: some pictures for the simulation of imagination, do not represent words mean.

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