Closing ceremony “dream five rings” contain what high-tech?Listen to the Chinese space agency reveal the secrets

At the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, the “dream five rings” assembled by countless “stars” in the National Stadium amazed the audience.What is less known is that the lighting of the “dream rings” was done with a proud Chinese space team and “sophisticated” equipment.Changzheng Tianmin, a wholly owned company of the Beijing Institute of Space Launch Technology, is responsible for the ground stage system for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.”The ‘dream rings’ at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics and the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics were made in the same factory.The technology of the five rings rising slowly is similar to that of 2008, just like magic.”Shen Jigang, chief engineer of the Long March Tiimin, said the stars on the slowly rising “dream five rings” are actually made up of tens of thousands of LED beads welded together on a huge wire mesh, which is covered with a black plastic skin to prevent “holes” from reflecting light.When the lights gradually dimmed down, slowly rising “dream five rings” as if suspended in the air.Where is this “dream ring” hidden before it slowly rises?”You must remember the ice Cube and the five rings in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, right?” laughed Shen.We made it, too.At that time, the ice rings were hidden in the Ice Cube. At the closing ceremony, we took out the ice rings to make room for the dream rings.”As a witness of the stage system of the Opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games from creativity, design to assembly, debugging and application, the team members of The Long March Tianmin Service guarantee for the opening and closing ceremonies all said that the reuse of stage equipment is the embodiment of the concept of green Olympics.The LED beads used in the “dream rings” at the closing ceremony are more energy efficient than those used in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics, and their brightness is adjustable.Shen still remembers zhang Yimou, the chief director of the Opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, often telling everyone: “We are responsible for the excitement, and the space program is responsible for the success.”It is these words that gave great encouragement to the team members of the Opening and closing ceremonies of the Long March Tianmin Service Guarantee and made their ideas come true.”The director’s team has very high requirements. We have modified the brightness of LED lamps several times. Although the changes are not big each time, what we pursue is the spirit of excellence, which is also the character of the Chinese space personnel.”In 2008, the “dream rings” were equipped with batteries that lasted only about five minutes, and this year’s “dream rings” for the closing ceremony can last for more than two hours, shen said. “This is also an indication of technological progress.”Controlling the slow ascent of the Dream Ring is a wireless remote control device that is more resistant to interference and has a higher security rating than the device used in 2008.The reason why it can use such “sophisticated” equipment is that in the selection of suppliers, Long March Tianmin Company gave full play to the advantages of the aerospace system engineering management model, selected the best among the best nationwide, and successfully used the “Dream five Ring” space equipment.Company stage long march day people says gao, general manager of sales department, the management pattern also implements “authors efficiency”, at the winter Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies from idea to reality, in the whole process of the long march days people company team with zhang yimou senior team, completed 20 rounds of the ongoing adjustment and optimization of creative solutions to save cost nearly ten million yuan.(source: Beijing Daily) For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.

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