Drop again!Pork retail prices are down about 10%!What about the future?

With the end of pickling, Spring Festival stocking, pork consumption into the off-season, now the price of meat?Recently, Guangzhou Daily · New Huacheng reporter learned from some meat markets in Guangzhou that the price of pork has dropped after the Spring Festival, and the retail price of pork is nearly 2 yuan cheaper per kilogram than before the festival.”The price of meat began to drop slightly from February 12, and the retail price of pork was nearly 2 yuan cheaper per catty than before the festival, a decrease of about 10%!”Guangzhou Dongchuan new market head told reporters, before the festival neighbors like to purchase pig hands, now less demand, pig hands cheaper.Wu linquan analysis, due to the Spring Festival before consumers have part of the reserve, and there are still some people who have not returned home, leading to the recent decline in pork prices.Haizhu District Xihua market a pork stall owner Yang Fang told reporters that after the Lantern Festival, the price of pork has fallen, lean meat 18 to 20 yuan/jin, pork belly 14 to 15 yuan/jin, ribs 30 yuan/jin, meat 18 yuan/jin.Ma Liyuan, an analyst with Zhuochuang Information, introduced that domestic hog prices showed a downward trend from January to mid-February in 2022, and the decline speed accelerated significantly in February.According to statistics, as of February 15, the average market price of foreign three-yuan pigs was 12.30 yuan/kg, down 12.52% from the previous month and 58.84% from the same period last year.With the gradual recovery of pig production capacity, the domestic pig price dropped from high to relatively low in 2021.Although pig prices rebounded strongly from October to November, domestic pig prices began to decline in December under the circumstance of concentrated impulse of breeding groups and the advance cash of favorable demand side.The Spring Festival in January 2022 did not boost demand as expected, and the supply of live pigs was sufficient, and pig prices continued to decline.After the Spring Festival demand is weak, breeding end bearish market and reduce weight actively market, pig prices accelerated decline.Ma liyuan predicted that the turning point of pig prices in 2022 May occur from April to June.On the supply side, data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and a number of third-party institutions show that the highest number of breeding sows will appear in June to July 2021, and the highest number of breeding sows will appear in April to May 2022 according to the growth cycle of pigs.Considering that the rebound in pig prices in the fourth quarter of 2021 delayed the pace of upstream capacity reduction, the supply of live pigs from April to June of 2022 is sufficient.In terms of demand, as the weather turns hot, april-June is the off-season for pork consumption, and the end demand is poor.However, at this time, the price of live pigs is low, and the intention of slaughtering enterprises to partition and put into storage may be improved, which can pull the downstream demand to a certain extent, but the strength may be limited.In general, production capacity release superimposed poor demand, and the low point of the previous pig cycle all occurred around May, it is expected that the low point of the 2022 pig price may appear in April to June, and the market may improve in the second half of the year.Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City Reporter: Liu Chunlin Photo/Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City reporter: Liu Chunlin Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City editor: Zhang Yu source: Guangzhou Daily

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