Su Bingtian, Xue Zhiqian, Sun Nan, Tan Weiwei, Joey Yung, Twins joined guangdong TV Spring Festival Gala, bay Area New Year here the most foot

The 2022 Dragon Dragon And Tiger Jump Greater Bay Area Guangdong SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala, specially arranged by Chimelong Resort and GAC Toyota Visa, will be broadcast on Guangdong SATELLITE TV at 19:30 on The first day of The Chinese New Year (February 1).At the same time will be in shock news, litchi, guangdong, guangdong TV, cloud audio-visual, guangdong radio and TV station YouTube accounts, south, south +, learning power, GuDou TV, cable TV, guangdong province, and guangdong TV iQIYI, youku, tencent video, bi and bi li, trill, weibo, quickly, WeChat video number, such as baidu good live vector matrix.Today, we invite you to walk in front of the stage and behind the scenes of this new Spring banquet, find out the highlights, catch up on the hot spots, and experience the real rich flavor of the Bay Area New Year in advance.Just before the third anniversary of the release of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Development Planning Outline, Guangdong SATELLITE TV has planned and launched the New Year’s wedding banquet with the theme of “Dragon Rise and Tiger Leap greater Bay Area” in close combination with the national strategy.This is a full manifestation of the greater Bay Area’s cultural confidence, a perfect interpretation of the vast prospects for the three places to create together, and the first show of the entertainment fusion media of TV Guangdong army to sweep away the haze of the epidemic and embrace the better life of 2022 with inspiring literary and artistic creation.The unique cultural charm of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area connects the whole gala.In the program design and presentation of the three chapters of “Lingnan Flying Songs”, “Colorful Bay Area” and “Spending a Happy Moon”, all reveal the sincere thinking of the creative team of “Culture Xingwan” and “Building the Chinese Dream together”.On this great stage of cultural exchange and mutual learning, cultural and sports stars from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao gathered together.Guangdong Guangdong Theatre, Guangdong Song and Dance Theatre, Southern Song and Dance Troupe, Guangzhou Song and Dance Theatre, Pearl Shadow Orchestra, Guangdong Experimental Middle School’s “Champion” chorus and dance troupe and other elite artistic groups.Guangdong Radio and TELEVISION station sent a strong host lineup linkage inside and outside the field…In songs, dances, operas, sketches and sitcoms, they tell rich stories of the Bay Area and draw vivid pictures of the Bay Area, which directly poke the audience’s laughter, tears and pain points.The main venue of the Spring Festival Gala was Chosen as Chimelong, one of the landmarks of cultural tourism in the Greater Bay Area. On this cultural stage built with joy, elements of the Year of the Tiger were overflowing, and Xue Zhiqian brought a baby tiger to pay New Year’s greetings to the national audience, symbolizing the prosperity of the tiger and tiger.Guangdong SATELLITE TV, empowered by technology, realized multi-scene transformation of time and space. Under the guidance of unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned boats, guests from Su Bingtian, Sun Nan, Joey Yung, Fu Longfei, Jianxin, Guan Zhibin and Chen Kaizhou sang songs, giving the audience a full view of the Bay Area scenery and feeling the fireworks of the world.Sun nan said, “I am so addicted to singing this time that I am very happy to present so many good songs to you on Guangdong TV.”Xue Zhiqian, Joey Yung, Twins and other heavyweight guests also brought their famous songs, “Just Right”, “Yaya Yaya”, “Next Station Diva” and other popular hits, will be in the Bay Area of Guangdong SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala.Yung said “Yaya Yaya” is a very inspirational song, but for her, it is a true reflection of her struggle in life. “As long as you are willing to follow your goals, you are a big winner in life.”The Spring Festival, bearing the Chinese children “family” plot.The original song “Going Home” sung by Tan Weiwei evokes the deepest and most extreme emotional resonance with the most simple and natural emotional expression of “I miss my family all the time on festivals”.The lyrics and melody have experienced repeated elaboration and polishing.”Hui” means reunion, “home” represents family, each sound of earnest “home” in the chorus is emotional empathy and resonance, the connection and extension of the mind.This kind of deep and hot feelings of home and country and traditional festival atmosphere will be more infectious.According to Tan, many of his friends may not be able to return home, but they will always miss home.Hearing this warm song, I believe it can ease people’s longing for their hometown.Faye Wong’s song “Bay” received a warm response during last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival.The Spring Festival Gala invited the creator of the bay, musician Chang Shilei to sing.It is reported that this is chang Shilei’s first Cantonese song, “‘ Bay ‘represents a kind of confidence, I was very determined when writing, must sing in Cantonese.Cantonese songs have a unique charm for people of all ages.”The new version of the interpretation, coupled with a solo dance by ballet dancer Qiu Siting, brings the audience a deep sense of home.Bay Area has a struggle!, show “money game” by Jason, cheng, WuKe he, Wang Heye, string, JuHongChuan singer, by men and women singing, in the form of series connection has so big or meet you in the world “winds” “let me stay right beside you” three songs, and the “cantonese cuisine masters” “guangdong mechanic” nan yue housekeeping “three” project into which the cohesive forces, warm hearts and minds.”Workers from all walks of life will walk on stage with us, hoping to bless all strivers with songs. We have worked hard this year,” Said Zhou Zi in an interview.Bay Area has responsibility!The song “Unknown People”, led by Tang Hanxiao and Huang Xiaoyun, and the melodrama about the story in the “Containment zone” in Guangzhou, both focus on the unsung heroes on the front lines of the fight against the epidemic.Their ordinary body to prop up the belief of victory, guarding the lights of thousands of families.”The show has designed some special parts, and those who have contributed to the fight against COVID-19 and disaster relief will participate in the performances,” Tang said.The song ‘Nobody’ represents what I want to say to all the heroes.”There is hope for the Bay Area!In the children’s song “Help Each other”, singer Cui Zige joined hands with young choirs from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to perform songs such as “The Pearl River Slowly Flows in My Dream”, “Across from Macao is Hengqin” and “McDull and Chicken”.In the voice of children, a more colorful and open future is coming.Language programs are the “punchline harvester” of guangdong SATELLITE TV’s Bay Area Spring Festival Gala.Liang Junyi, Zhan Haochen and others starred in the sitcom Bay Area Partners;Tudou, Lv Yan and Yin Beixi created “Perfect Person Design”;Big lock, Sun Tianyu burst out laughing “go process”.The bundle is constantly shaking, and the new word hot meme comes with a call, making you smile on the first day of the New Year!In recent years, Guangdong SATELLITE TV has stuck to the position of Chinese culture, based on contemporary practice, and deeply rooted in the Lingnan culture. It has delivered many excellent works for the screen and media, such as “Grand Ceremony of Chinese Music”, “Flowing Songs” and “Amazing Four Audiences”.The Spring Festival Gala will combine these ace IPS one by one to cook a variety of delicious dishes full of Cantonese flavor, New Year flavor and human touch.Zhao Cong gao Ran, chief pipa player of The China National Orchestra, performed the King of Glory “Red Flame Tassel” with Chinese theme music and a new stage, enabling more young people to hear and feel the elegance and charm of traditional culture.Singer Tan Weiwei and percussion player Wang Jianan joined hands with the inheritor of Shanxi Jiangzhou Da Gu to perform “Ox and Tiger Make A New Year”. Traditional instrumental music array PK, drums shake mountains and rivers, ringing out the old year and ringing in the New Year with majestic sound.Song “Chinese” by Tan Weiwei, percussion player Wang Jianan and “Chinese Music ceremony” youth Chinese musicians played drum, suona, pipa, guzheng, erhu, Matouqin, zhongruan……Convey the national pride and cultural confidence of the Chinese people.Win guangdong satellite TV “technology surprised four” the first season “annual gold medal acrobatic show” tang Zhe gold medal, to shock to the shock of high altitude soft steel wire acrobatic skills compose “music in space”, cheer for China’s aerospace cause.Cantonese opera, the quintessence of traditional culture, is a local opera born and developed in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and is also the “retained item” of the Spring Festival Gala of Guangdong SATELLITE TV.This time, Guangdong TV’s innovation of Cantonese opera programs is unprecedented.Jointly created by Zeng Xiaomin, president of Guangdong Opera Theater, and Zhang Weijian, a versatile artist, the Cantonese opera symphony “A Hero of Love” combines classical cantonese opera lyrics with film and television hits, and uses symphonic music as the soundtrack of Cantonese opera. The effect is amazing.Zeng xiaomin said, “I was surprised and pleasantly surprised when I heard two songs of completely different styles coming together. It was very challenging for music creation and director.Now the rise of the national tide, for the development of opera art is a good time, I hope the integration of the three places more and more creation.””I have never tried to mix pop songs and Cantonese opera,” cheung said. “I am very excited and proud to be part of the Greater Bay Area.”By Chen Sisi singing “snowflake invitation”, to Chinese traditional culture in the “invitation” as the breakthrough point, invited athletes from all over the world to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics grand meeting.Folk songs and bel Canto, flowing like beautiful singing, in the Bay Area Spring Festival Gala sounded again on the stage, for the Winter Olympics song, song for the prosperity of the motherland.The street dance Yellow River, originally created by the Street Dance Committee of The Chinese Dancers Association and the Dancers Association of Henan Province, has won the most representative “Lotus Prize” in the Chinese dance circle. With street dance as the carrier, it tells the history of China and the story of the Yellow River, and contributes to the expansion and extension of cultural exchanges in the Bay Area.The festival atmosphere extends from large screens to multiple screens. Guangdong SATELLITE TV also fully combines various forms of new media communication and characteristics of platform communication, and uses Internet thinking to customize a multi-channel media show that integrates innovation, communication, artistry and technology.The MV “Love Tiger Oil” for the New Year of the Tiger spreads a picture of the New Year that integrates “aerospace”, “Lingnan culture” and “Bay Area customs”.With the application of “AR 3D animation” technology, the mascots of The Year of the Tiger of Guangdong SATELLITE TV, “Yue Yue Tiger” and “Dong Dong Tiger”, appear on the screen and change their costumes in surprise, singing and dancing with the electronic national style group SING.The title of the song “Love Tiger Oil” is a transliteration of “I Love You”. It aims to convey warmth and advocate a loving and happy life, and also highlights the lingnan color in order to arouse the resonance of the Bay Area.Classic new version of “Let’s Paddle”, by Yang Hongji, Wang Yifeng, Gao Yang, Su Beibei, Xiao Qi, Chen Kaizhou, etc.There is a maximum age difference of 56 years between them. Their bel Canto pop singing methods are different, and the contrast and artistic spark produced by the collision on the same stage is exciting.By chance in the bay area’s launch, guangdong TV will also spread from program creation, melting media, branding, etc to hand over a new questionnaire, please the audience and the entire network user testing we reform the revitalization of the strength and level of the three years, at the same time also for universal to build large bay to the burning of a fire, help the national cultural cognition on the bay of a higher level again!”2022 Dragon Teng And Tiger Leap Greater Bay Area Guangdong SATELLITE TV Spring Festival Gala” will be premiered by Guangdong SATELLITE TV at 19:30 on February 1st, please look forward to it!Source: Guangdong TV this issue editor Feng Zhanpeng

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