Up and good!Septwolves practice “Be TA’s guardian” with their actions

Wild animals are the precious treasure shared by human beings. Protecting them is the sacred duty entrusted by history. More and more people realize the importance of co-existence and protection of wild animals.Septwolves, a national men’s wear brand, has not only stepped up in brand development, but also kept warm on the road of public welfare, demonstrating the “power for good” with practical actions.Come on the eve of the lunar New Year, seven formal adoption of nanjing hongshan zoo Wolf Wolf king “Wolf”, for wildlife protection, and promote the construction of ecological civilization as an own strength.As one of the leading men’s wear brands in China, Septwolves has been adhering to the concept of sustainable development and practicing corporate social responsibility since its establishment in 1990.When the epidemic broke out in early 2020, Septwolves donated money and materials to the front line of the fight against the epidemic. In response to the call of the government, septwolves transformed its garment production line into a mask production room within a short period of time in accordance with the national standards for the production of civilian masks, and quickly became an important force to ensure the supply of epidemic prevention materials.Over the years, Septwolves have made continuous contributions to the public welfare field, participating in the giant panda “Small population” looking forward to “reunion” project, establishing septwolves Guardian Alliance Fund, protecting the habitat of Philippi’s langurs and “be the guardian of TA” public welfare activities…The adoption of the seven-year-old “Wolf” is an important manifestation of septwolves’ deep understanding of corporate social responsibilities. While realizing their own development, septwolves devote themselves to feeding the society, building a solid relationship with partners, and spreading the positive energy of green nature to all sectors of society.Through the practice of animal protection and other public welfare projects for many years, we call on more and more people to join the ranks of animal protection and natural environment protection.Social development and enterprise development are closely linked and complement each other. It is necessary for enterprises to be responsible for the environment and assume corresponding social responsibilities.Septwolves has always integrated focus and ingenuity into the brand gene, not only providing high taste jackets for men, but also committed to delivering high quality life concept and creating social shared value from multiple dimensions.Septwolines has launched a series of jackets with the theme of animal welfare for many seasons. The series takes the images of endangered animals such as wolves, tigers, leopards and pandas as the theme elements, and integrates artistic methods into the creation of fashion jackets. This innovative breakthrough with profound cultural connotation has been widely recognized.Septwolves spokesperson “Asian flying man” Su Bingtian, “pian-pian youth” Chen Ruoxuan, “sweet pet boyfriend” Liu Yihao and other powerful stars from all walks of life, have personally performed the animal protection public welfare theme series jacket, showing more than one side of the male style.The brand’s social responsibility is reflected in all aspects. Septwolet jacket also selects environment-friendly fabrics to minimize industrial pollution and promote the healthy and benign development of human, nature and economy.Septwolos continues to lead the industry standard. In the 2021 enterprise standard “pacesetter” selection carried out by eight departments including the State Administration for Market Regulation, the performance index evaluation and product verification of “Jacket” formulated by Septwolos are ahead of the industry level and won the honor of “pacesetter” of 2021 enterprise standard.Up to now, Septwolves has ranked first in the overall market share of jacket for 21 consecutive years, and has won awards such as “2020 Annual Responsible Brand Award” and “2020 Annual Public Welfare Innovation Award”.As a leader in the men’s wear industry, Septwolves adheres to both development and public welfare.In the future, we will continue to undertake the corporate mission of “being a fashion brand with attitude, making Chinese fashion lead the world and creating fashion quality life”, and continue to embark on a new journey in the field of public fashion.

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