Why does aerobic fat loss need at least 30 minutes?

Often someone asks me curiously, why should aerobic exercise do more than 30 minutes?Is it useless if I can’t do it for 30 minutes?Before I could answer, I said no, forget it, I’d rather not do it, and then I suffocated. So, today we’re going to talk about why cardio is recommended to do more than 30 minutes.We need to understand why exercise reduces fat in the first place.The human body needs energy for any activity. For example, our brain needs blood sugar for thinking, so when the blood sugar is low, we will feel dizzy and it is difficult to concentrate.Human activities provide energy energy materials are mainly: phosphocreatine, sugar source, fat, protein.The four kinds of energy are divided into: anaerobic energy and aerobic energy.Anaerobic energy sources are phosphocreatine and anaerobic glycolysis.The main sources of aerobic energy are oxidation of sugars, fats and proteins.Now let’s take a quick look at what the different energy substances do: anaerobic system phosphocreatine:It is mainly responsible for power supply of explosive power. For example, when a tiger is chasing you, you will run very fast at the beginning and then slow down after a few seconds, just because it is supplying energy, but the energy supply time is relatively short, 0-10 seconds. Excellent athletes can only reach 8-10 seconds through training, while ordinary people can only reach about 5 seconds.Anaerobic glycolysis is the anaerobic energy supply method of sugar. The two most intuitive features do not require oxygen to function and produce lactic acid.The 400 meters is basically a power system, so a lot of people get sore when they sprint for a few hundred meters and stop because it’s powering.Generally 1-3 minutes of energy to emphasize the daily strength training is the main energy source.Ordinary people more than 1 minute, professional athletes more than 2 minutes, so why athletes can run 800 meters can be rushed down, ordinary people not the reason is the aerobic system aerobic sugar oxidation: it and the anaerobic sugar is the brother of the brother, because it is the same.The difference is that this sugar reacts with oxygen, and the metabolites are mostly water and carbon dioxide.It mainly provides energy for aerobic exercise, such as 5000-meter running, swimming, marathon and so on. It lasts about 30 minutes.This 30 minutes is important to remember.Aerobic fat: this is our focus today. Fat is needed for energy and oxygen to be oxidized to produce carbon dioxide and water.Continuous energy supply is the longest continuous energy supply, so it is responsible for the main energy supply when the body’s sugar reserves are insufficient for exercise.Finally, aerobic protein generally does not participate in energy supply unless the other four energy supply systems are insufficient. For people with a lot of muscle mass and low sebum, this should be noted.Why do aerobic exercise to lose fat?The answer is not clear, because fat is mainly aerobic energy supply system, so aerobic exercise can be very good to reduce fat.Why do cardio for more than 30 minutes?On the premise of ignoring HIIT and other exercises, there are two kinds of energy supply for aerobic exercise: one is sugar and the other is fat.It should be noted that sugar is the main consumption in short time and intense exercise, and the aerobic sugar will be the first to be consumed.Since the maximum energy supply of aerobic sugar is 30 minutes, you need to burn fat for more than 30 minutes.Of course, lasting exercise time is longer to consume long also is bigger, but need to maintain heart rate is in target heart rate 60%-80% between do not do aerobic won’t reduce fat?It’s not because when you do any kind of exercise, basically all of the energy systems are involved, just in different proportions like field hockey and 1500 meters you can see that there are aerobic and anaerobic systems involved.Do aerobic within 30 minutes to have no effect?This is a question that people often ask, does it work for less than 30 minutes including 10 minutes?There is some effects from the body weight, body fat calories legacy will make the weight, body fat rise, although 30 minutes consumption is small, but also can increase the daily consumption to avoid body fat weight gain, and if one day to 10 minutes of exercise for many times, also belong to the aerobic exercise, and also can burn fat, therefore regardless of fantasy and come up, if less this 10 minutes.Half an hour maybe you’ll get fat.

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