Women’s moguls marathon hotly contested!Norway’s 16th gold set a new high!Chi Chunxue finish the race is also glorious

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics continue with the final competition on February 20, 2022 Beijing Time.On this day.Will conduct the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games, winter Olympic Games in Beijing for two weeks and in the end, the Chinese army in the Beijing Olympic Games, on a gold plate and medal and in successive games are high, in the home of the Chinese army is to show the indomitable spirit.The Chinese team in this competition has emerged a number of excellent athletes, Su Yiming, Gu Ailing, Wu Dajing, Fan Kexin and other champions.China’s ice and snow has a bright future.And in the last day of the competition, cross-country skiing also ushered in the closing battle, cross-country skiing 30 km collective start project also ushered in the imminent race.The event is the on-snow marathon of cross-country skiing.The day before, in the men’s race, the 50-kilometer group start was shortened by 20 kilometers due to bad weather and turned into a 30-kilometer race, with the Russians surging to win the event.The Russian team swept the men’s moguls marathon.And women’s cross-country skiing 30 km collective start, is the longest distance of women’s cross-country skiing event in the Winter Olympics, which is similar to the summer Olympics long-distance running.It’s more about endurance and stamina.Before the final day of competition began, Norway had won 15 gold MEDALS, a record high for a single Winter Olympics.Norway won this event at the last Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, and is looking to record its own gold medal haul in a single Winter Olympics.In the women’s cross-country skiing, the competition is even more exciting, the athletes for the final gold medal is also a fight.Although a lot of players in the game is also highlighted the state of physical overdraft, but the players still tenacious struggle, do not give up the last chance.Norway’s Terres led the way in the marathon and continued his good form in the race.And extended the lead to the finish line and finally came out on top.It was The second gold medal for Terres in Beijing and the 16th gold medal for Norway, again setting a new high in a single Winter Olympics.Finally, Chinese team member Chi Chunxue finished the 38th place, the spirit of not giving up at the last moment is worth learning, with the end of the cross-country skiing marathon, The Chinese team medal count is locked third!Make history again!

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