Community Guard red vest

Zhongyuan District: Jin Jiping reports that on February 13, 2022, 14 volunteers from Dongwang continued to go on duty for epidemic prevention at various villages and towns in Three classrooms: Lankaode Yuan, Zhongyi and Yulu in Kaifeng, Henan.Since the epidemic prevention and control, they have been working at their posts for a month, arriving at each checkpoint on time every day and engaged in busy epidemic prevention work: scanning codes, registering and urging passers-by to wear masks.Do simple work repeatedly, no regrets, tireless.Some elderly people do not know how to scan, volunteers patiently and carefully taught them to operate on their mobile phones.Their sincere efforts have won the recognition and praise of the past personnel!The eldest brother selling water said: “If there is no water to drink, move to the shop. You volunteers are on duty at the card point during the Spring Festival. It’s really touching.”Community leaders have repeatedly thanked volunteers for their selfless dedication.Little Red Riding hood, red vest, like a beautiful scenery on the card, no matter the cold wind, or all over the sky snow, red vest will always fight in the put together epidemic prevention card point, in order to protect the safety of the people, east Wang volunteers willing to sacrifice precious time with family reunion, do the community epidemic prevention loyal guardian!

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