Shanxi construction investment soliciting real estate brand name

February 14 news, in order to continuously enhance the influence and reputation of Shanxi Jiantou, promote the brand integration development, Shanxi Jiantou Group open to the public to collect shanxi Jiantou real estate brand name.Shanxi Construction and Investment Co., Ltd. is the largest comprehensive state-owned investment and construction group in Our province, one of the top 500 Enterprises in China and one of the top 80 contractors in China.Shanxi Jiantou Real Estate takes advantage of the whole industrial chain and cost advantages. After years of hard work, its business has spread all over the province and key regions in China, and has achieved fruitful results. It is the main body of commercial real estate development of provincial enterprises.This open solicitation for the whole society shanxi Construction investment real estate brand name, solicitation time for February 11 to February 20.Shanxi Jiantou City operation Group will conduct expert selection and public voting on the collection of names.According to the votes, 7 finalists will be selected, and the bonus is 2000 yuan only;The first three of the shortlisted schemes are recommended as candidate schemes, and the bonus is 3000 YUAN only;The winner will get a bonus of 20000 yuan.According to the introduction, the submitted works should be sent in the form of electronic manuscript, and the email marked “Shanxi Jiantou Real Estate brand name Solicitation” should be sent to the mailbox of Shanxi Jiantou City Operation Group Co., LTD. ( Taiyuan Daily

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