Alarm bells ringing!High-tech zone traffic police brigade publicity two random lane change injury cases

Changsha Evening News hand-held Changsha February 15 news (high-tech Lugu reporter Ke Ming correspondent Cheng Gang) yesterday, Changsha high-tech Zone traffic police brigade public two random lane changes, do not obey the driving rules caused by the injury and death of the case, in order to alert the majority of lugu drivers abide by the traffic rules, safe driving, civilized travel.At 15:10 on October 28, 2021, Fu Mou Hui driving heavy non-freight special operation vehicle along the high-tech zone Xu Long Road Hunan SAN ‘an semiconductor internal road from the west to the east, met wang mou to drive unlicensed two-wheeled electric vehicle along the internal road.Because Fu Mou Hui driving a motor vehicle on the road to rely on the right side of the road, resulting in a collision between the two cars, causing Wang Mou injury, two damaged car traffic accident.Due to a fu fai vehicle is not in conformity with the technical standards of motor vehicles within the road was not on the right side, respectively in violation of the law of the People’s Republic of China on road traffic safety article 35 “motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles on the right side of the passage”, “article 21 drivers drive a motor vehicle on road before, shall carefully check for motor vehicle safety technical performance;Shall not drive a motor vehicle with hidden safety hazards such as incomplete safety facilities or mechanical parts that do not meet technical standards “, and the first paragraph of Article 22 “Motor vehicle driver shall abide by the provisions of road traffic safety laws and regulations, and drive safely in accordance with operating norms”, Fu Mou Hui shall bear full responsibility for the accident.At 6:28 on January 24, 2022, a small car driven by Biao Gao collided with an electric car driven by Lei Gang at the entrance of Luyun Road, Fenglin Third Road, Changsha High-tech Zone, resulting in a traffic accident in which Lei Gang was injured.At 15:26 on February 4, 2022, Lei died after hospital treatment.Safety is no small matter, peace depends on everyone.Traffic police brigade police remind the driver in the zone and in the process of driving shall abide by the traffic safety laws, rules and regulations shall not be driving safety facilities not perfect or has the security hidden danger of motor vehicle, in addition, but also pay attention to safety to keep, follow the instructions of the road, in case of intersection slow down, look carefully road conditions.

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