Heat wins nets by a hair!Lowry made a key steal with 13 seconds left and Tucker hit a free throw to seal the win

On February 13, Beijing time, the NBA regular season road game against the Heat, the Nets suffered a run of 10 straight losses, desperately need a victory to stop the slump, but the Heat are strong, and have the advantage of the home, the Nets now lineup is not complete, want to take away the hope of victory in the Heat’s home is very small.The Nets will start irving, Mills, Brown, Edwards and Griffin, while the Heat will start Lowry, Dunlow, Butler, Tucker and Adebayor.The first quarter began with the Nets in high spirits, opening 5-0, the Heat side is not to be outdone, a 5-0 spurt in response, the two teams began to tangle together, a time who can not be left behind.Late in the first quarter, the heat had the upper hand in a matchup between the second units of both teams, with Hero and Dedmon combining for points to build Miami’s lead.The Nets fought back, sharpe grabbed back-to-back offensive rebounds to help the team close the gap, and James Johnson hit a 3-pointer to split the lead.26-26, tied at the end of the first quarter.At the beginning of the second quarter, the two teams continue to chase each other, the heat began to warm up the sense of three breakups, a wave of small climax, the Heat again to establish a lead.Heat YueZhanYueYong, once a 10 points lead, the nets also played very tenacious, chasing points immediately, for the nets, though know rival stronger, but the nets too want to end their losing streak, cheered on durant has been to a teammate, new signing zhuang god and small garage on the sidelines, all these provide the nets player on the pitch with extra energy,The Nets couldn’t erase the lead, but they did.Thomas had 15 points and two assists, Brown had 11 points, three rebounds and two assists, Irving had four points, three rebounds and two assists, Mills had three points, Griffin had eight points and three rebounds, Edwards had four points and two rebounds, James Johnson had seven points and Sharp had six points and two rebounds.For the Heat, Sheiro had 12 points and six rebounds, Vincent had 11 points and one board, Lowry had three points and two assists, Dunlow had eight points, Adebayor had seven points and eight rebounds and three assists, Butler had eight points and three rebounds, Tucker had four points and six rebounds, Stroth had six points and Demond had five points.At the beginning of the third quarter, the Heat a 5-0 attack wave, the moment stopped the Nets, the difference also came to more than 10 points, pause back, the nets or difficult points, the Heat can not be kind, continue to expand the lead, the difference once came to 19 points.The basket net had some improvement in the offensive end, but the difference is still very above, further reduce the difference, very difficult ah!76-91, after three quarters, the nets were temporarily 15 points behind, and there was still a quarter, the nets still had some hope of turning over, but Irving felt cold today, if Irving is still so depressed, the nets are not turning over hope.At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Nets on a 6-0 run, stopped the heat, back to 10 points, the Nets morale, timeout back, the Heat or failed to score, the Nets this Sharp basket eat cake, the points back to single digits.The Heat got sloppy in the quarter, the offense was out of power, the nets were tough, Irving found his touch and hit two consecutive 3-pointers to bring the lead back to five, and Lowry scored four straight points to help the Heat hold on.Irving hit a shot, lowry responded with a two-point play, irving missed a double pass, and Dunlow hit a 3-pointer to bring the heat back to more than 10 points.Irving also killed red eye, consecutive points, even the Heat double team, Irving can also score, scoring ability is too strong, the game into the final three minutes, the Nets were down four points.Lowry hit two free throws, Thomas hit two free throws, the two teams were in a flurry, Thomas hit a 3-pointer, the heat called a timeout, Durant walked in to greet his teammates off the court, looking happy.Butler scored two points with 37 seconds left, tucker fouled irving with 22 seconds left, butler hit one of two free throws, Thomas caught the ball and passed it to Irving with 13.8 seconds left, lowry stole the ball and Tucker hit two free throws.Butler had 13 points, six rebounds and three assists, Tucker 10 points and eight rebounds, Adebayor 19 points, 14 rebounds and four assists, Dunlow 17 points, four rebounds and three assists, Lowry 13 points, three rebounds, Vincent 11 points and three rebounds, Schiro 15 points and seven rebounds, Stroth nine points and four rebounds, And Demond eight points and three rebounds.For the Nets, Kyrie Irving had 29 points, five rebounds, Brown 11, Edwards 13 points, five rebounds and three steals, Blake Griffin eight points, four rebounds, nine rebounds and two assists, Thomas 22 points, four rebounds and four assists, Sharp 10 points, 12 rebounds and three assists, James Johnson nine points and two rebounds.At the end of the game, despite losing the game, Irving was friendly and gave Tuck a hug.

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