Lakers’ best trade!Perfect fit for Lebron and Westbrook, lakers’ chance!

After losing to Atlanta, the lakers lost three straight and now sit in ninth place in the Western Conference, out of the playoff picture.With James sidelined indefinitely, Davis and Westbrook, two all-time 75 stars, played through injuries and were in reasonable shape, but the lakers still couldn’t get a win.Perhaps trade is the only way to get the lakers back on track in these difficult times.The Lakers have attempted several trades since the market opened, such as Grant for the Pistons and Wall for the rockets, but for a variety of reasons, those deals have largely fallen through.To be honest, even if these deals are made, they don’t do much to improve the lakers’ overall strength.And the recent spread of a person’s trade information, is the Lakers really need that battle!That person is Rockets player Gordon.Pelinka is likely to trade horton Tucker, Nunn and a future second-round pick for Rockets star Eric Gordon, according to sources.Gordon is by far the rockets’ best player on the perimeter, and his 3-point shooting is high.If the deal goes through, Gordon could help the Lakers improve on both ends of the floor.He’s averaging 14.6 points, 2.0 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game, and he and Westbrook are so familiar with each other that Gordon can help the team fundamentally.The only difference is that the rockets want the lakers’ first-round pick and the Lakers want their second-round pick, so it remains to be seen if a deal can be made.

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