SONY is buying Bungie, maker of the Destiny series, for $3.6 billion

Following Microsoft’s acquisition of Blizzard, SONY announced today that it will acquire Destiny game maker Bungie for $3.6 billion, which will later become a SONY subsidiary.Founded in 1991, Bungie is a leading video game software developer in the United States. Its HALO series is one of Bungie’s best-selling games.It’s worth noting that Microsoft acquired Bungie in 2000 and signed a 10-year partnership. Bungie has been an independent game developer since 1998-2007, but Microsoft still retains an interest in the company.Bungie and Microsoft have agreed to a long-term publishing deal for HALO, which will continue to distribute Bungie’s subsequent titles.On April 29, 2010 Bungie and Activision Bllizard announced a publishing partnership.At E3 2014, co-founder Jason Jones personally unveiled destiny.Destiny 2 was released on September 6, 2017.After two years of running Destiny 2, Bungie has again terminated its contract with Activision Blizzard. The intellectual property rights to the Destiny series will continue to be owned and operated by Bungie.SONY official note: Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios and Global Head of SIE Studios, said, “I would love to welcome Bungie to the PlayStation family!Bungie makes community-driven games with great technology, and their work is so much fun to play that everyone at the PlayStation studio is excited about it.”Jim Ryan, president of SONY Interactive Entertainment, also said Bungie will not become part of SONY’s first-party studio after the acquisition, and its role as a multi-platform game developer and publisher will not change.SIE will also work closely with Bungie to achieve the vision of reaching the PlayStation audience.Bungie’s official response: The Bungie acquisition will not affect destiny 2 players’ choice of platform, and Destiny 2 will continue its commitment to cross-platform play.Bungie’s games and community will remain independently developed and autonomous, and the already announced seasons, events, packs and development plans will not be affected.Destiny 2: The Phantom of the Evil Will not have platform-exclusive content, we want players on every platform to have the same experience.Bungie’s future games have no plans to become exclusive platforms, we want to create worlds that reach players everywhere, on every platform.Other platforms like Steam, Xbox or Stadium will continue to support games like Destiny 2.SONY said the deal was in the works for five or six months, according to Dring.So this is not a direct response to other recent acquisitions.Bungie CEO Pete Parsons also added that Bungie is “working on things beyond Destiny” and that the studio sees the partnership as an opportunity to “create.”That’s all about SONY’s $3.6 billion acquisition of Destiny series developer Bungie, and leave your thoughts in the comments

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