Understanding of calligraphy learning: how should I establish the main writer of official script at the beginning of learning?

The representative brushwork of Official script is the symbol of silkworm head and swallow tail when it enters and leaves.This logo is basically the exclusive appearance of horizontal painting.However, a careful observation of the writing method of the stroke and stroke in the post shows that it is common to have a swallow tail/wild goose tail when writing.After careful consideration, I found that every stroke with such a signature stroke is often in the main pen’s source range.However, in a word, horizontal or left, na sometimes more than one, I just learned official script, in learning creation, how to establish a character of the main pen?At present, I have not completely found its rules and basis, I just in the post and read the process, vaguely see its secret place.As the saying goes, one mountain can’t accommodate two tigers!Any thing, always have primary and secondary points, otherwise, the structure is difficult to stabilize.A word, there can only be a main pen, so that the center of gravity may be stable, harmonious and beautiful visual effect, so that the viewer looked pleasing to the eye.The following point of view is my preliminary perception: writing official script, it is very important to find the correct main pen, to establish a real supporting force of that one!I will study in the future, attentively read post, post, and strive to find a more adequate basis to verify the reliability of this rule as soon as possible.

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