Warrior officer Xuan Green!Kerr may or may not be happy with the return of golden State’s two biggest players

42-16, the west, golden state warriors this season has not let a person shine at the moment is used to describe, they can even be this season’s biggest dark horse, because prior to the start of the season, not too many people like them, but they do use action to tell everyone, they returned to the title race.Recently, however, for a period of time, the warriors found some turmoil, after the defeat to the Los Angeles clippers, the warriors lost three games in four games, and watched the game fans can feel, if before a game not clay – outbreak of Thompson, not lebron James and Anthony Davis lost, warriors will now probably already 4 in a row.Warrior officer Xuan Green!Kerr may or may not be happy with the return of golden State’s two biggest players.From the start of the season’s league first, come back to the phoenix SUNS, then the gap by sun (warriors now 5.5 games from the sun), warriors want to return to the western conference this season is almost impossible, and the Memphis grizzlies also followed behind them, the distance to the warriors the gap 1.5 games only.Most people know the mighty turbulent true because, in addition to clay – Thompson return all rotation rhythm began to change, to adapt to Thompson, their huge interior defense nobody can solve the problem, when German Raymond – green after the injury absence, the warriors of the five small defense system thoroughly collapse, they can only let play center Andrew wiggins,At one point, he even played guard Gary Payton II at center.Green had missed 21 games for a month and a half since his injury, and the Warriors had won six in a row, but had lost four of five and three of four.As long as the starting level of the post, they will always highlight against the Warriors, if these teams have the firepower on the perimeter, the Warriors game must be both inside and out.Green’s return is crucial for the Warriors, and his recovery is progressing well, with golden State officials saying he will return sometime after the All-Star break.”Green has been working out fairly lightly, and the team will ramp up his workouts as fans look forward to seeing one of the league’s best defensive players again after the All-Star break.””Warriors officials wrote on Twitter.In addition to the green, another important inside of the mighty James wiseman also started the rehabilitation training, not only such, wiseman also got the license, warriors team five against five training, at the same time the team coach Steve cole at the end of the previous training, said wiseman appear to be in good condition, but he is not sure wiseman specific return time.Green and Wiseman’s upcoming return will give the Warriors a shot in the arm for their awkward situation inside. Green will certainly cover a lot of ground on defense, and he’ll even do a lot of playmaking on offense.And for Wiseman, including many fans of the heart is not very happy, but a little worried.Fans worried that Wiseman would ruin the Warriors’ chemistry.The Warriors’ center hasn’t had much of an impact on the offensive end since Kerr took over. Their game plan revolves around a bunch of perimeter shooters running and picking and rolling off the ball. Before the season began, Kerr said Kevin Loaney would be the starting center even if Wiseman was healthy.Not to mention, the Warriors’ chemistry is amazing when Luni starts.Now that the Warriors are back in contention, they’re not much different than they were in the final stretch of the regular season last year, when Wiseman’s loss changed the way the Warriors played.Wiseman’s return comes at an awkward time, with the warriors’ front office and coaching staff having to decide whether to practice with him or put winning first, with only 20 games remaining in the regular season.In addition, the Warriors roster, Andre Iguodala, Draymond green and James Wiseman are currently sidelined, especially in green and Wiseman’s upcoming return, the Warriors will also be full, “happiness” has come a bit suddenly, it is also a test for Kerr to adjust rotation.Stephen curry, Andrew wiggins, clay – Thompson, Jordan – s&p, otto potter, damien – lee, Gary payton ii, in Virginia – don’t chat, Kevin loonie, Jonathan – library Ming, this not counting Juan Anderson, plus return green and wiseman, the rotation of the mighty men will have to change again,The change in rotation pace will definitely have an impact on the record and team performance.

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