A man is good to you, but he does these things to you, he doesn’t really love you!Bear in mind that

Not every emotion has an end, I will interpret your heart, let me listen to your heart.When you are in a relationship, do you crave and like someone who treats you well?His care and care let you experience the taste of being loved, his sweet words and vows of eternal love let you feel that he is the prince charming you want, so regardless of everything, give his all to him!You think he loves you and takes care of you, and he treats you from the heart, and the two of you open up to each other, and you think that’s true love.You decide to love him, at the beginning, he is also very good to you, as time goes by, we begin to have small friction, conflicts, temperament and personality are not close to you, always angry, uncomfortable.At first you will convince yourself, deceive your heart, feel that he is just because work is not going well for the time being, but as time goes by, you find that it is not so simple as you thought.In fact, a man is nice to you, does not mean that he really love you, it just means that in the beginning of the relationship, he is very interested in you, when the interest is no longer, the relationship will become boring, patience will lose.So, you have to understand, a man who treats you well, but then does such a thing, that is not really love you!First, when you are in a bad mood, everyone has a good mood, but some people are willing to share with you when they are in a good mood, when they are in a bad mood, they will be good at hiding, will not reveal it.Some people will not share when they are in a good mood, but when they are in a bad mood, they will take it out on you. Their mood is extremely easy to fluctuate, and they don’t care whether your mood is good or bad.This time if it is the man who loves you, he will not bring you a bad mood, more like their own silent digestion, or a kind attitude to tell you.Second, when you encounter difficulties, blame all the blame on your difficulties to see the truth, a person love you, usually no matter how to speak good, it is floating clouds, really to you encounter difficulties, see his attitude will know.If he can rush to the difficulties in the first time, even if he has no ability to solve, but willing to share, to make 100% efforts to help you do, that is true love.On the contrary, if you encounter difficulties, the first time to escape, or find a variety of reasons to evade, perfunctory, let you top in front of him, he shrinks behind you, such a man, the best at a respectful distance, he can not bring you to the essence of love.What he likes you may be appearance, may be money, and he is nothing more than the consumption of youth.Third, in order to face in public, regardless of your feelings, face and ability are often inversely proportional, the more the man who care about face, ability is always worse, although not absolutely, but also the whole shows the authenticity of this problem.He has the ability to not be afraid of making a fool of himself no matter what others say, even if they are mocking.Without the ability, the slightest sensitive topic will stir up his fragile heart.In front of his woman, face is lost, he will not scruples about your feelings, push you to the front for him to cover his shame, a male attitude.How can a man truly love you if he doesn’t care how you feel?So, a man to you or not, not through his sweet words can know, really like you how can simply a promise can be realized?

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