Beijing Blue technology again explosive day board war, 5 main pry open limit, 2 daily limit shipment

1, Jinglan Technology, hype environmental protection direction, the company has formed the core of contaminated soil remediation, groundwater remediation, solid waste environmental pollution treatment and other emerging areas of business pattern.Beijing Lanyunzhi, an indirect shareholder, is involved in the field of edge computing and has developed iot devices with edge computing technology, which are widely used in agricultural water-saving irrigation projects.On the news, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Water Resources jointly issued the “fourteenth Five-year” water security Plan.2, Labor road optimistic about Jinglan Technology, on January 26 Wednesday to buy 37,800 lots, an average price of 4.25, a total of 16.1 million.1.27 Thursday, the opening was hit the limit, how to do?Labor road investment 62,400 hands, the average price of 4.02, a total of 25.8 million, pry open the limit, and then pull up the limit.Pull up while shipping, successfully sold 40,000 hands.(Buy low and sell high, leaving more than 60,000 lots of low-priced chips in hand) January 28th Friday, the opening met the lower limit again, this time sold 50,000 lots at the lower limit of 3.97.At 14:45 PM, 7,016 hands were sold on the daily limit, a total of 57,200 hands were sold throughout the day, with an average price of 4.08, a total of 23.35 million.(There were about 5000 hands in hand, but after the limit fell, the operation finally turned the loss into profit.) The second, China Fortune Xi ‘an, bought 72,200 hands at the limit on January 27, with an average price of 468, totaling 33.83 million.On January 28, we chose to retreat in batches and sold 7949 hands by the daily limit at the opening.When the limit opened, 9900 hands were sold at 4.14 at 9:33.13:18 points, such as to a day board, in the trading board sold 9493 hands.14:45 points, in the daily limit hit 30,000 hands.At 14:47, 9,999 hands were sold again.A total of 67,700 lots were sold at an average price of 464, totaling 31.45 million.(About 5000 hands in hand, similar to labor Road) 3. Who broke the limit?Who is sealed limit board?The first, East Asia Qianhai Jiangsu, opening in the limit buy 89,800 hands, is to pry open the core of the limit board.Second, CAI Tong Taizhou, 9:30, buy 48,900 hands in the daily limit.Third, Shuxiang Avenue, in the limit buy 27,500 hands.Fourth, financial street, the whole day to sell 4 times, 9:30, invested 58,000 hand sled.After pulling up to a certain height, the entrance protection plate, 10:02, at 4.65 price to buy 9633 hands.11:00, launched a shock, to 4.59 to buy 10,000 lots.At 13:18 PM, 8,855 lots were bought at 4.79 for a total of 86,700 lots with an average price of 422 for 36.61 million.Fifth, victory east Road, the opening in the limit buy 8434 hands.The second move to buy 39,500 hands daily limit, is the core of the limit.After the limit was broken open, 13:23 points, and then put 19,900 hands sealed plate.Behind the investment of 5 9999 hands sealed single plate, a total of 118,600 hands bought the whole day, the average price of 4.79, a total of 56.76 million, is the core of the main limit.4, Jinglan Technology, the whole day transaction of 943 million, the turnover rate of 26%, dragon top five buyers bought 162 million, accounting for 17.17%.Among them, victory east road to buy 56.76 million, financial street buy 36.61 million, East Asia Qianhai Jiangsu plus position buy 36.29 million (before the daily limit buy 28.15 million), Caitong Taizhou buy 1.86 million, Shuxiang Avenue buy 13.25 million.Limit board is actually a relay game, the more people involved, the more fluent this game relay, until the small station last post.

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