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COVID-19 is not that scary, but it’s hard to fight.The two-year-long epidemic has brought untold misery to the people, with no end in sight.Still, life goes on, and the pace goes on.We continue to move forward with hope, looking forward to the day when we take off our masks.Behind the concerted efforts to fight the epidemic, there is a force on the road to help.They will not only help farmers solve the problem of unsalable agricultural products, but also enrich the variety of vegetables and stabilize the supply of agricultural products, and continue to protect people’s vegetable baskets.This force comes from B2B food supply chain enterprises and institutions engaged in wholesale distribution of agricultural products.As a digital supply chain service provider for agricultural products, Chopsticks has witnessed the heartening moment of these enterprises’ all-out efforts in epidemic prevention and control, and is also helping distribution enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency through digital supply chain hardware and software systems.We give them the praise.Next, we combine “Pinghu City agricultural products Exhibition and Distribution Co., LTD.” this classic case, together with a look at the fresh distribution enterprises in the extraordinary period of anti-epidemic action.On March 13, pinghu city found its first positive case of COVID-19.Pinghu City Agricultural Products Exhibition and Marketing Distribution Co., LTD., a subordinate enterprise of Pinghu Supply and Marketing Cooperative, acted quickly to cooperate with the city’s epidemic prevention and control work, and undertook the task of ensuring supply in part of the containment area and control area. The company focused on allocating resources to ensure adequate supply of relevant materials.Pinghu Agricultural Products Exhibition and Distribution Co., Ltd. has established a special fleet and team for online and offline cooperation to ensure the supply of daily necessities during the epidemic.General manager Zhu Weikang said in an interview: at present the whole operation of material distribution, or more orderly.On March 13, I received the task. At the beginning, there were more than 2,000 orders of daily necessities, as well as the distribution of fruits, vegetables and some meat. On March 14, the number increased from more than 2,000 orders to more than 4,000 orders, and then to jiaxing Port area, more than 10,000 orders……At that time, I was shocked, and I mobilized many volunteers from the society because of the shortage of manpower.Zhu Weikang said:”Will continue to optimize the distribution process, because now challenge more than 15000, but how do we want to challenge to be 20000, 30000, take on the whole distribution of main channel of pinghu, because in pinghu and harbor, we now is one of the biggest distribution unit, is also the most capable of distribution units, so we have to continue a good (role) play,Keep up the good work.”In terms of vegetable types, we will support local agricultural products to be produced and sold on their own, purchase agricultural products from local farmers and purchase agricultural products from foreign markets.On March 29, Pinghu Agricultural Products Exhibition and Distribution Co., Ltd. sent three agricultural products purchasing teams overnight to hangzhou, Ningbo Yuyao, Jiangsu Nantong Yudong and other wholesale agricultural products markets to purchase vegetables, planning to purchase 100 tons of leaf vegetables, root and stem agricultural products on an average day.Digital supply chain, fresh distribution more efficient pinghu pinghu farmers and agricultural products sales and distribution co., LTD. Is a league (SMC) subordinate pinghu east mau supply and marketing co., LTD., controlled joint-stock enterprise, with pinghu both inside and outside more than 50 cooperative and production base to establish cooperation relations, production and sales for more than 90 government, enterprises and institutions to provide clean vegetables distribution services.The company covers an area of nearly 10 acres, 135 unit current distribution, offline 15 pier fresh meals, two fresh home Jin Pinghu flagship store and supermarket Jin Pinghu fresh to the home appliance business platform, at the same time set up across the county three distribution company, layout of pinghu, sea salt, SongYang three county area, the specialty is engaged in the agricultural county one-stop distribution and retail, is the municipal agricultural leading enterprises in jiaxing.In 2020, the company achieved sales of 116.9 million yuan.In 2020, Pinghu Agricultural Products Exhibition and Distribution Co., Ltd. reached strategic cooperation with Kuerong Technology to carry out digital supply chain transformation and upgrading.Kuerong provides agricultural supply chain management system and intelligent hardware integration to help it build a digitalized and intelligent supply chain operation mode of the whole process.On the one hand, all business links achieve paperless office, and mobile applications such as distribution end, procurement end and warehouse end make staff collaboration more convenient.On the other hand, all business process information, automation, handheld PDA, electronic scale, vehicle positioning and other intelligent hardware make employees work easily.Place orders anytime and anywhere in 1 second, saving 80% of the booking staff;Push the purchase plan within one second in the procurement process, improving the procurement efficiency by 60%;Sorting link synchronous integrated sorting machine, improve 80% sorting speed;One-click intelligent planning and visual scheduling for distribution links;Warehouse management visualization, real-time inventory update, more clear purchase, sales and stock;Financial data, statement statistics, product traceability……Let the system instead of manual to carry out big data calculation work, save manpower and improve efficiency.In September 2021, the first “Jinpinghu Fresh Home” rural flagship store opened, combined with the existing fresh supermarket and e-commerce platform, Pinghu Agricultural products Exhibition distribution Co., Ltd. established online + offline, distribution + retail integration of diversified operation mode.B-end customers can place orders independently in the online store, and the warehouse distributes the goods uniformly. The system also supports salespeople to place orders on behalf of customers.C-terminal customers can purchase goods in stores, which are equipped with intelligent cashier electronic scales to quickly settle customers’ orders. Meanwhile, they can also place orders online on e-commerce platforms. Flagship stores provide pre-warehouse delivery services.Chopsticks farmers provide chain store system, help the chain stores through O2O mall, stores enters sells saves, guides, member of the private domain, store cashier and so on, all channel data to each other, unified management order order, purchase, sales, inventory, early warning alert, business report automatic statistics, implementation stores online online business integration, intelligence operation.We do not know when the epidemic will end, but until it does, we must always be ready to cooperate with epidemic prevention and ensure precise supplies.Agricultural supply chain is related to the people’s three meals a day, all the time to ensure adequate supply of agricultural products, efficient, accurate is the common responsibility of all fresh enterprises, chopsticks farmers is firm confidence to provide digital technology for fresh enterprises.Let us join hands in the future and fight side by side.Chopsticks agricultural science and technology, China’s leading digital agricultural products supply chain service providers, using cloud computing, big data, Internet, chain blocks, and digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, help customers to build agricultural products sales, procurement, warehousing, sorting, production, distribution, resource, financial and other business functions in the integration of digital supply chain system,We will realize intelligent production, intelligent management, brand marketing and data-driven operation, and fully unlock new growth drivers for enterprises.

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