Guangdong province 12mX12m multi-storey self-built house design scheme

Keywords: new rural self-built house, homestead application, self-built house construction small house design, the most beautiful rural self-built house project overview:The project is located in chaoshan rural village building, customer requirements is the underlying raised 4.8 meters used for shops, 2, 3, 4 layer for rent, as a factory or office, 5, 6 layer owner live in, and I give it added overhead roof steel structure, covered with solar panels, can save electricity can also enjoy the state subsidies,More key is bask in, the action of heat insulation is very apparent, and summer still can enjoy cool.In addition, the stairs and elevator through the roof, convenient personnel up and down can also transport goods.The total construction area is 1100 square meters, the cost of the main structure is about 2.3 million yuan, the aluminum alloy window is about 300,000 yuan, the elevator cost is 150,000 yuan, the architectural design cost is 100,000 yuan, and the interior decoration cost is about 2 million yuan, the interior design cost is 70,000 yuan, a total of 4.9 million yuan. If the geological conditions are better or the decoration standard is lower,Three million or even more can be made.Appearance design:On appearance design, of the older culture level and aesthetic level is very low, lead to a generation since the building all ugly, if young people grow up later at the time of construction, must be professional designers, please don’t spend how many money, please our words, that is, hundreds of dollars, compared to the cost of millions of really is a drop in the bucket, but its role is crucial.The design effect, however, does not have to pursue cool, avant-garde, as long as delicate, durable and a little bit of fashion is very good.Below is guangdong province since the building of the older generation, images from the network: color can no longer use colourful tiles, I personally recommend main body USES white coating, white aluminum alloy doors and Windows, the transparent glass of large area, visual effect is very shocked, in a cluttered environment recognition degree is higher, especially able to bear or endure look, it is hard to discern aesthetic fatigue.Actually, if you observe the old since the building every restraint as far as possible when choosing color, not gaudy, instead of universal love light gray, light pink, beige, etc are very implicative color, unfortunately the whole village looks actually very, very, very ugly, just don’t understand the aesthetic reasons.Is there a better way to do it than to hire someone who understands aesthetics?Structure design, structure must adopt frame structures, brick has been completely unable to meet the needs of The Times, as for the steel structure, prefabricated structure these things too wide, not to say no, just partial door is difficult to ensure the quality, like a car ownership to buy big, parts with better, cheaper, more mature technology.Is just in the chaoshan area of guangdong province only seismic region, seismic design is 8 degrees fortification, like Beijing, shear wall and base should be a lot larger than other areas, need to precise calculation and in strict accordance with the national standard to design, otherwise, although look not to come out at ordinary times, the earthquake really coming that day not only can protect property, more important is also can save lives.Chaoshan had a serious earthquake before, the Tang Dynasty had 8 earthquake, and then repeatedly 6, 7 earthquake, heavy losses, so the seismic design is not a joke, do not want to do do not want to do can not do.It doesn’t cost much, so why take the risk?Other parts of Guangdong province are seven degrees of fortification, but also need to go through formal calculation, the structure of the cost is a little more than the old generation of self-built houses, security is also improved a lot, in the future after the aging of the house can be renovated according to the new needs, as long as the structure is stable, can be used for hundreds or even hundreds of years.It is not like the old generation of self-built houses, which have been reduced to construction waste before 40 years have passed, and are neither used nor demolished.Door model design: residential part occupies 5, 62, according to the geomantic requirement, the kitchen should be in the northeast corner, advocate lie should be in the southeast corner, need to have a hall, need 4 bedrooms.My first move was to place the stairs and elevator in the middle of the north side, which was my traditional routine, so that the corridor would be the shortest and most efficient.Elevator come out to see a large hall, or enter a garden, this side of the western, the light is bright, a left turn into the living room, and then a room, teahouse, where five meters deep enough, otherwise don’t know how to put furniture, a lot of the pursuit of artistic effect of designers like to let the hall empty, like gallery, I hate that kind of design in particular,It is completely installed force, a little efficiency is not to speak, this technique is for the artist’s home, people’s homes do not need, otherwise there will be no fireworks instantly.Below is the floor plan of the residential part: the hall is in the middle, hollow above, and has excellent lighting. It is similar to the hall of the courtyard house I designed. On the east side, there is a tea table, which can be used as a study desk and temporary office.The exterior wall is 1.8 meters back from the column, the floor cantilevered 1.8 meters, and the balcony depth reached an amazing 3.6 meters. All the large flat floors can be put on the outdoor table, and there is no pressure to hold a barbecue or party. This is what an independent house should look like.I’ve said this before:The courtyard is the soul of the house. Without the courtyard, the oversized balcony can also be replaced, which is the most important point in my whole design. This point is decisive to the improvement of the living quality of the whole project.The contrast, integration and echo between the green and open outdoor space and the warm and comfortable interior space are the core of the living experience.Bedroom area:Bedroom area is very complex, speak more fit this article, I only speak two of the most interesting points, the first is that every since the building project have cantilever, the cantilever here is 1.2 meters, the space must be used, otherwise they will waste a lot of, but the headache is above the red dotted line in the picture below this position has a big frame beam,If the cantilevered part is incorporated into the bedroom, the beam will cross in the middle of the bedroom, which will be very awkward. If this area is completely separated into a balcony, it will feel too wasteful. If separated into a complete toilet, the size of 1.2 meters is obviously not enough.Below is to witness the miracle of the moment, my approach is to split into the shower, toilet, toilet commode three separate parts, plus a desk, a small balcony, cloakroom, such as small space, just to fill the entire cantilever part, not only the size is just right, also conveniently implemented three separate toilet, what are the three separate?Namely toilet, shower and stage that wash a face are independent respectively, can have many people are used at the same time respectively, do not interfere with each other, used the space that hangs carry effectively so, make the space of the bedroom is very complete, do not have beam among, the part that all around hangs to carry is used adequately rise, how a cool word gets.That’s the first interesting point.The second point is that I have always had an idea to open a courtyard in the place with the worst lighting. This is just like playing Weiqi, we must open a battlefield behind enemy forces in the darkest place of enemy occupied areas.The east side of this project is the neighbors, the whole article can’t open the window, the exterior wall of the east and close to the east of the middle is the daylighting of the worst places, is likely to see the black room, so I has been here for a 1 m wide, 2.8 meters long small courtyard, with 2.8 square meters of area can solve the problem of several around the daylighting of the room, completely avoid the occurrence of the dark room,You can also put the air conditioning unit in there.In fact, as early as I have done a version not the hollow of the main but has five bedrooms, more efficient, each bedroom with toilet, advocate lie and huge cloakroom and facing south big study, and there are two bedrooms is a bath crock, the efficiency of the scheme is reaching its limits, greatly satisfy the I born obsessive-compulsive disorder,I even felt high on the day of the proposal.Just client likes hall hollow, and do not like bath crock, and worry advocate lie with second lie difference too big and denied this design, let me feel a little regret.Here’s the super-efficient floor plan:The characteristics of this approach is most the toilet of second lie on the floor of cantilever, the 1.2 m – 1.5 m cantilever space used to perfection, daylighting is the central part of the worst in the locker room, the daylighting of the other parts are all very good, I know there will be a great lovers begin to prepare oral to change my plan, ha ha, welcome to try,However, I believe that it is hard to have a more efficient, better lighting, better quality scheme than this, do not believe you have a try.Shop design: What is good about shop design?The placement of goods is the business of the merchant, what is the relationship with the architectural design?Hehe, relationship, as long as you watch, you will find so many shops air-conditioning is directly on the door, on the ground, or hang on the wall, the summer will blow when passers-by walked a face of hot air, afflictive dead, so we’re going to give businesses a focus put the position of air conditioning, just the shop floors is bigger, is 4.8 meters,So on the facade of the upper part of the increase of a cantilevered board, put some louvers slightly block, neither affect the air conditioning exhaust, will not affect the regularity of the facade, also can not blow passers-by to the face.In addition, shops are required to have signboards, so a signboard space is made under the air conditioning space, and a large white wall is set aside on the outer wall of the west side of the building to place the company logo, so that all businesses have a place to advertise themselves, isn’t it very thoughtful?Some shops divide the space into two floors, so that the upper floor is a dark room with no Windows. Therefore, we opened some Windows behind the air-conditioned space, which can be used for lighting, so that the second floor can not only be used for business but also for accommodation.This is what a store should look like.I worked in shenzhen when I was early in the design from the design of the building, then in the new dwellings for many times, but it was not until the last two years began to seriously study this kind of buildings, whether what kind of building, as long as seriously to think, it will always be found many, many can improve the place, we will be able to the advanced design of a lot than before,Can get higher quality let owner’s investment returns, although this kind of building is not so tall, normal real estate projects and no courtyard there are feelings, more than the home stay facility design and aesthetic and avant-garde, but to hold large amount, as long as it is able to improve the quality of residential things I are happy to participate in, like the wuling macro light inspired to me,The needs of the people are the direction of our efforts.

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