Political Commissar Wang Junhong cordially visited the frontline fire rescue workers

Taurus words old Fu Tiger Spring Festival greetings send care, cold warm heart.In order to alleviate the homesickness of all fire rescue personnel and the work pressure brought by the duty and combat readiness, from the evening of January 31 to February 1, Political commissar Wang Junhong of Jinzhong Fire rescue detachment, deputy detachment leader Yang Ying and his party went into the grassroots unit to carry out warm sympathy, and fire rescue personnel together for a reunion dinner, celebrate the happy year.31 night, jun-hong wang line go lake street secret fire rescue station, first of all, on behalf of the team of the party committee to fight in a line during the festival of all the fire fighting and rescue personnel to extend my sincere greetings and good wishes, then with all the fire rescue workers held cordial conversation, ask for details of all training, duty for life, and so on and so forth,And all the fire and rescue workers had dinner together.1 in the afternoon, jun-hong wang came to TaiGu area fire rescue team, for the achievement of the team a year to get said sure, then learn more about the team deployed to carry out all work during the festival, is on duty during the festival the team management, BeiQin work emphasizes the deployment, shook hands with all the fire rescue personnel, conveys the detachment of the party committee of condolences to care,To have been fighting in the grass-roots front line of all the fire and rescue personnel to extend New Year’s sympathy and good wishes.At about 17 o ‘clock on the same day, Wang Junhong then came to zuoquan County fire and rescue brigade, to stick to the front line of fire and rescue personnel to send holiday greetings and wishes, and the first time in-depth communication room, combat squad and other storage room, carefully check the holiday during the duty preparation, cultural construction and living arrangements for food, personnel rest.After that, I had a cordial exchange with you, asked you about the daily exercise, life security and family in detail, and had dinner with you.When eating, just in the fire alarm out, Wang Junhong patiently waiting for the police personnel to return, and told everyone to pay attention to safety, but also constantly asked the logistics staff to prepare meals for the police team, so that we feel warm.After the visit, Wang Junhong put forward several requirements on the team management and combat readiness work during the Spring Festival: arrange meals and logistics support work during the Spring Festival, so that every firefighting and rescue personnel can feel the warmth of home;Attach great importance to the Spring Festival fire security work, resolutely overcome paralysis, effectively put the security measures on duty into effect;We will do a good job in our cultural life during the Spring Festival and hold various and colorful cultural and sports activities to ensure that everyone has a full and peaceful Spring Festival.Golden tiger pray for the happiness of the whole family.Smooth sailing in 2022, to the next level!Overall planning, Review/Zhang Zhenhua, Han Rui, photography/Du Jiabao, An Jie, Wang Juan, editor/Liang Yan

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