A new chapter on the development of Song Bu Town in 2021

Dajiang network/Dajiang News client Report by Bu Yuying:In 2021, centering on various work arrangements of the county Party Committee and the county government, Songbu Town will unite and lead the whole town to strive for excellence, take responsibility for practical work, unswervingly focus on Party building, strengthening economy, promoting revitalization and benefiting people’s livelihood, and contribute to the high-level integration of Fengxin construction of “prosperity, civilization, beauty and happiness, integrity and integrity”.In order to enhance the function of market town and improve the quality of market town, Songbu Town combined with Tiangong culture and implemented the requirements of county Party Congress and people’s Congress to “solve the lack of characteristics of market town and enhance absorption”, invested more than 7 million yuan to carry out the reconstruction and upgrading project of market town.The project will start in October 2021 and be put into use in January 2022.After the completion of the project, it will help accelerate the reasonable development of Songbu market town and improve the image of the town opening to the outside world.The county’s first tower-level radio station, “Voice of Current Affairs”, has been established to achieve “communication in every village” and “sound in every village”, and to build a “sky train” for the party’s good voice and good policies to spread to every household.Build “green dry home” platform, in many forms and from many angles to improve the ability of green dry and the town’s party construction work to improve quality of the same frequency resonance.The “Monday regular meeting” system has been established, and the theme of “Three turns, five paces, five paces” has been thoroughly carried out.Through “horse racing, recruit soldiers”, two-way reporting and communication, effectively form a good working atmosphere for learning to catch up and make progress together.(Qinggan Home for students to teach) Economic construction and Development Bureau adhere to the investment as the top priority of work, in 2021, the successful signing of jiangxi Zhenshanghong New materials project settled in the county high-tech park, 3 new enterprises into the regulation.Formulate and promulgate Incentive Measures for Investment Attraction Clues of Songbu Town, clearly provide investment attraction clues and incentive standards for project landing, and create a strong investment attraction atmosphere with full participation of all staff.The “Songbu Town Team Members Contact Enterprise Responsibility Implementation System” has been established, and the members of the leading team of the enterprises that have settled in the park and the enterprises under the jurisdiction have been identified. Monthly visits have been made to solve the problems for the enterprises, further enhancing the relationship between the town and enterprises and optimizing the business environment.(Anrun New Material Co., LTD. Factory area)(Xu Huiyun, Secretary of songbu Town Party Committee, talks with merchants)We will further broaden the vision of cadres in towns and villages, inspire their thinking, and plan for rural revitalization through lectures, field trips, discussions and sharing.Adapt measures to local conditions, demonstrate and lead, build “one village, one product”, and constantly strengthen the village collective economy.Qiaotou village “Chinese Jiangxi dish salt wrapped chicken” industrial project, has signed a cooperation agreement with provincial merchants, estimated annual sales of more than 15,000.Yanxi Village takes advantage of local natural advantages and invests more than 1.7 million yuan to develop beef cattle breeding industry.Planning first, fund matching, vigorously implement beautiful rural construction;We will improve long-term mechanisms, continue to improve the rural living environment, and increase people’s sense of gain.We will further improve rural infrastructure, including the development of high-standard farmland, new countryside, and new roads, and lay a solid foundation for rural revitalization.(Ecological livable beautiful village point – Suoshi Village Laolongquan Group)(Chenxin flower base)(Yanxi cattle farm) social undertakings established song Bu town urban management squadron, the daily disorderly parking of vehicles in the market town, merchants occupy the road and other disorderly management, dedicated to the management, the market town look brand-new;The county’s first town-level fire station was established, and the emergency management center was built with high standards. The emergency handling capacity of the town was further strengthened.We have focused on promoting cultural and ethical progress at the community level, built mass culture squares, and carried out various cultural and ethical activities in the new era with the support of stations for practicing civilization in the new era. With the guidance of Party members and officials and the voluntary participation of the people, we have enriched people’s cultural and ethical lives, and increased their sense of happiness and fulfillment.(Improve professional quality, improve combat ability — full-time fire brigade daily training)(Villagers of Lao Longquan Group of Suoshi Village gongs and drums “ring” happy life “march”)

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